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For those of us that make a living in auto repair, here is a question for you. I have been a tech for decades, gathering tools for ever. At my current job, have a snapon 72" triple bay bottom box, seven drawer cart, along with a harbor freight service cart all full and do not have a need for anything else.


That being said, here is my dilemma. Moving out of state, wife and most of our stuff already at the new home 570 miles away, Movers are coming again on October 28th to move the rest of our crap along with my two snapon boxes. Have to stay here in town for the next six months so my daughter can finish high school so have to remain functional in my job using only what fits in the harbor freight cart.


Is it possible to minimize your tool needs to fit and still function as an "A" tech in a service cart? We work on all makes and models, not so much on the big super duty pickups, but like everything else.

Could you downsize and still be productive?

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I was never an auto tech, just restore cars as a hobby and maintain my daily drivers, but I worked equipment maintenance for my entire career. My feeling is, as soon as you send the majority of your tools away, you'll find you need several of them. I would keep all your tools with you and then when it's time to move, rent a small truck with a lift gate and move them then.

Unless you just work on Chevy's, and then all you need is a ball peen hammer, a roll of baling wire and some duct tape! :biggrin:

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So, I made the move of all my tools with exception of my harbor freight cart and have had enough stuff to still function at work. I keep going to where my stuff was to find it gone. It has been three weeks so far. First photo is from the new house, second is what's left at work..



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Those small rolling carts with 4 drawer levels are the bomb!  They are made by Waterloo, one of the main manufacturers of tool boxes.  The only thing I don't like about them is the lid won't stay down unless you lock it down.  I replaced the struts with chains.

Let me check your shorts!




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