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Steering column removal

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I'm removing my steering column on my 73 Mach 1 to get better access to my clutch/brake pedal linkage that needs rebuilding and I can't unplug one of the harnesses. I got the grey one that has a right angle bend to it unplugged, but I can't do the other one that is a simple black one to separate. The two sides aren't fused together, I can get a small flat bar between the two sides and then have sprayed some silicone spray between them, but even with a lot of pressure they won't come apart. There's a red tab on the side that was under the locking tab that seems to slide up and down, but I've pushed it both ways and still no luck, all I'm doing is abusing the hell out of the plug housing. Any one have the trick for this? Thanks.

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The red tab is what releases the pins from the connector, but doesn't do squat for your problem.  I hate that connector type, as it takes a lot of effort to pull apart.  There's a tool for pulling back one side of the locking tab, but you'll need two of them and then a pair of pliers to pull the connectors apart.  Difficult enough on a work bench; in the car is something else again...

Let me check your shorts!




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Thanks Midlife. I was able to separate the plugs by sticking a small blade screwdriver through the small hole where part of the red tab was and prying the two halves apart. I figured it had to come apart one way or the other, and I think I'll be able to use it again when I put it all back together. It just has to be functional, not look pretty because it'll be tucked under the dash anyway. Now it's on to the rest of the column removal. Thanks again.

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