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R.I.P. Dan Wheldon...


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Hey guys... I just red the news about the tragic lost, car sports suffered yesterday in Las Vegas...


I´m just sitting alone at the office and this kind of tragedies touches me a lot, so i decided to share my sadness with you guys...


I´m a very passionate man that loves racing since i was a little boy... In my 31 years of life i´ve seen many talented drivers on their road to heaven and every time, my feeling is the same... Just unexplicable sadness because it could be me if i just could once follow my dream of becoming a race driver...


Anyway... This kid was for sure a true talent... Everybody says he was a fantastic man, an even better dad for his 2 children so...


RIP Dan... i hope heaven is comfortable for you know... You now live throgh your kinds in this world...




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Damián :cool:



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I have been an Indy 500 fan since I was a child. When this happens it tears at my heart. My first memory of this kind of thing was in 1964 when Eddie Sachs and Dave McDonald were killed in a firey crash at the start of the 500. Dan will be missed.

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I watched it happen on tv and knew it was bad from the start. Its a shame that it happened and from what I have heard and read that the drivers voiced concerns with the track and amount of cars on it. Tragic thing but all involved know the risks of that life style, but still don't make it any easier on his two small kids and wife. :angel:

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Always a tragedy. Dan's death has hit our community and his adopted home of St. Petersburg especially hard, as he was deeply involved in many worthwhile community projects and efforts. He was seen out and about often, and highly regarded for being a quality guy, beyond his racing skill.

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