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What did you do to your car today?


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Besides tinkering on putting the engine back together. I ended up picking up a bunch of front suspension goodies for mine. There was someone on FB Marketplace selling global west upper/lower control arms, and strut rods because they are swapping to a Mustang 2 style front suspension to go with a 2013 Shelby motor swap. So I managed to pick it all up for a good price, and wound up with the disk brake parts, all the steering shafts/tie rods/pitman arm/etc, and even a set of springs. So I will probably wind up selling the parts I dont need to recoup some of the cost.

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2 hours ago, droptop73 said:

Nice score! 


I learnt the secret of finding parts. Just before finding these I had decided I was going to focus on paying off some bills and trying not to spend so much money on the car. And just like that, when I decide not to buy car parts, poof, car parts I want seem to appear lol. 

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