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71-73 Mustang Convertible Top Installation DVD

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This is a how to video for removing and replacing a convertible top on 71-73 Mustangs.


The package was shipped in a small DVD/CD envelope with 2 DVDs in it, two copies of the video. The video quality itslelf is not HD, but is clear enough to see everything that is done and how to do it. There is a written detail page shown in the video with the tools required to complete the job, as well as a few suggestions for alternate tools spoken by the narrator.


The only narration of the video us during segues between sectiopns of instruction. For example, when it's time to remove the top weatherstrip, this is show in a written "page", spoken by the narrator, then shown in the video with no sounds.


The format is well done, and works in sequence of both removal an installation of the top. There are several spoken references to what the narrrator says the top "should" have, such as rear window area alignment marks on the new top and such. He doesn't say what you should do if your top does not have these marks.


Overall the quality is good and anyone somewhat handy should be able to follow. There are certainly a few spots where the order of doing things would not be intuitive to someone who has never done one before, so the sequencing looks like it will be a great help. I have not personally attempted to follow it, but I will whenever my top requires replacement.

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