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update on poor performance


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Well got the problems fixed I hope. Heading to the track today, and hope it is a better day than two weeks ago. Pulled the tank and opened up the vent cap, It was plugged up just enough to cause problems. On Mondat I pulle the valve covers to change the gaskets and found #1 intake rocker and stud just laying there. Luckly the only damage that was done was to the lifter. Also had a broken motor mount on the right side. Everything fixed now so shoul be a good day. Supposed to be cooler today too.



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oops! Good thing you found the damage.


Did you change both motor mounts?



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So the stud came loose?


What is the size of the stud?


I would have thought the lifter and stud would have hit the top of the valve cover before coming off.


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