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55 Chevy Crash


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Wasn't sure where to post this so I thought this was the best place. It is a Chevy but it is a pretty amazing crash. First video is the crash and the second is the aftermath. Most of you probably have already seen it but for those who haven't here it is.


It appears the car was built with duct tape and sheet metal screws.



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WOW!!!... There are so many things wrong here. That car should not have been allowed on the track. No rollbar let alone a cage which is required in a car running 10s (if the dial in on the score board was accurate). the seat and belts were obviously not properly mounted. All of that apart from the driver staying in it way too long, he was still in the throttle after he crossed the centerline! That man is truly blessed to be alive.

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ya he is lucky to be alive....Its somewhat old footage...Van seems to be from the early 80's ford...Maybe they wasnt so restrictive on there regulations back then still.....I know any car hitting 10's or breaking into the 10's needs to have a roll bar and harness..Probably cause of people like this guy...And for many good reasons...Even in the pro drags...You rarely see anyone die from bad crashes....

Some really bad ones that all drivers lived.
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