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    Totally STUMPED!

    Thank you all! MRGMHALE, electrical gremlins are the worst! Actually, this was an aftermarket replacement wire set, only two years old. It seems nobody makes them "like they used to". I have heard many folks complain about the solder jobs etc. on re-pop wiring harnesses. I got it started, as...
  2. 1973 Mach-1

    Totally STUMPED!

    Ahhhgh! Just found the gremlin! The push- on positive connector to the coil has a broken connection inside the angled plug. Replaced it with a crimp on, and it starts fine. Fingers crossed!
  3. 1973 Mach-1

    Totally STUMPED!

    Okay, Sorry That SHOULD read 2300 rpm. 🥴 Also, I am Running a Pertronix Ignitor in the carb. And I checked the timing and It's where it should be.
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    Totally STUMPED!

    Okay, I have a 73, with a 351 C. I have been dealing with a specific problem for months, and thought I'd toss it out to the forum. You guys always have great ideas. Some times it won't start, it turns over, but won't ignite - just cranks. (Coil has 12 v. going to it but shoots no spark) Most...
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    Building hileanor

    When I first got my '73, I was tempted to turn it into an Elanor. But frankly, I loved the 70s vibe it had with the Keystone Klassics and the shackles. Also most of the original paint was still there, so I went for the "survivor" style. Patina and all. Good luck with Elanor. Looking forward to...
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    8 Track player dimensions

    71projectjunk, you are absolutely correct! I just added a Ford AM-FM 8-Track player in my '73 dash, and it fit perfectly, except for the metal faceplate. That black margin at the top was fairly easy to cut out, using a Dremel tool. I used an abrasive circular cutter, then went back in with a...
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    Mystery hole question

    I have found those holes to be a great place in which to lose choke screws! :LOL:
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    Testing my patience

    Agreed with Stanglover. Check the motor ground. A jump will provide that ground (depending on where you clamp the cables).
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    Like / dislike of 71-73 Mustangs

    I agree that whoever designed the fuse block wasn't thinking, or was a sadist. That said, my first car was a '65 falcon, and the fuse block was the same size at the same place. (Back then my 16 yr old frame could get to it a lot easier). I made a better fuse block and made it easier to get to...
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    Vapor lock, I think

    I don't really know how to cross-post one of my older posts, so I just copied and pasted it here. Hope it's of some help. I just solved a similar problem. I ended up going the long way around the barn for a deceptively simple problem. Here's what I replaced: First, I thought it was a bad coil...
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    72 Q code Mach 1

    Congrats! Beautiful car. My '73 is in its' original patina as well. Looking forward to seeing more about you new find!
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    Front Spoiler for Mach1

    I got the same one as Tony-muscle, and it fits fine. Actually, The one I have now is the second, because the first one I installed, I scraped off on a parking bumper. This one, I re-enforced the mounting screw area with a metal strip under the spoiler attachment area.
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    72 Mustang AM/8Track speaker issues

    It sounds like you're pretty savvy in basic electronics, Jaysay. You could check out ebay for a "Parts" AM FM 8 Track Player, and swithc out the balance pot, and see if that makes a difference.
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    72 Mustang AM/8Track speaker issues

    Have you tried DeoxIT spray? It's an easy fix if the balance or volume potentiometer is the problem.
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    73 turn signal recess

    Great! I'm always skeptical of the "sticks to plastics" claim. My old go-to was to sand the plastic, brush it with yellow contact cement let dry, then spray paint. It wasn't a really smooth finish, but it stuck! It looks like I need to re-evaluate the Fusion spray paint.