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    Lower Cowl Repair Question

    I would love to own a Gremlin, 4-spd, 304ci... I had the pleasure of driving one as a company car in my early twenties, that thing could fly... I keep my eye's peeled in my area for one.
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    Little Plastic Fillers Top Of Fenders

    Only very early 71’s got these pieces…
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    They say it is the best '72 Mach1 on the planet

    Beautiful restomod. The only thing I would change is the steering wheel insignia, Cowboy's of course, lol
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    New to the group, Lifelong Mustang guy

    Beauty! I personally wouldn’t change a thing. I like secretary’s 😉
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    Amazing Collection of 71 Mustangs

    Been following him for a while now. Great 71 Mustang car guy. The Pastel Blue coupe in the video was the car I saw at the Indy Mecum auction a few years back. It sold for only $30k at that time, a real bargain. Other 71’s out of that sellers collection were going for $100k+. Hope to get down to...
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    Thx Bill. It was on my radar to attend after the cancellation a couple years back. But, life happens sometimes not positive. I might try to come over for the day as a spectator but that will be a last minute decision. Ken
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    Still here, kind of… Best I can do this year.
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    Seller watched too many BJ auctions

    As described it will never be numbers matching, more like fraud…
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    Original vs Modified

    I had to google map that))... So right in Tucson, cool and good to know. Thx.
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    Original vs Modified

    Interesting… Yes, my car had been well used and abused by the time I got it. I figured the original engine had been rebuilt at least twice before I went through it. I’m still amazed that the car was #’s matching after the use this car must have seen in its AZ days. When it was moved from Tucson...
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    I'm new here Hope to bring some good content!

    This gentleman is a true blue Ford and 71-3 affectionado… Knows his stuff too. Welcome Finley! Still have a 71 J Code Vert?
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    High Optioned fixer Mach on Ebay

    Very interesting as a nice parts car...
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    $20k-$30k for a paint job?

    Thanks, but not quite there yet. However, the paint would score a perfect mark, that I'm sure of, it better at that price. lol
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    $20k-$30k for a paint job?

    I guess I’m the elephant in the room, lol. $50k+ a few years back. I won’t get into too many specifics here but his shop rate was $85/hr and I was billed 500-600 hours. This was a top notch award winning paint and restoration shop in my area and here in Canada, everything is just more expensive...