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    I finally found my home!

    Welcome from Reno, Nevada. You have a beautiful Mustang. I hope her missing parts find their way back to your “love” and she finds her way back to you from the shop! 🤞
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    Nice pencil drawing of my car

    I love this! What an amazing gift from your talented nephew. You must have a great bond. 💗
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    Restoring Dad's 73 Convertible

    I reread your question and would like to add: We pressure washed the panels and scrubbed the loose sun damage plastic off of them. I then sanded them with a sanding sponge to prepare for the liner. After that, I cleaned and degreased them again. I then used an adhesion promoter for plastics and...
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    Restoring Dad's 73 Convertible

    I was going to but I used white truck bed liner and they really didn’t need paint on top of that! I used white truck bed liner to thicken them up and provide a new top textured surface that had disintegrated from sun damage. I was prepared to paint them after, but the finish seemed pretty good...
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    Q Code ‘73 Mach 1

    Welcome from Reno. Gorgeous car! Love the color!
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    1973 Grille Pony emblem vs. corral

    My Dad ordered his 73 Convertible with the Decor group. I think it’s cool that all the Mustangs can look a little different.
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    buck tag: how to read?

    Where would the Buck tag be located on my 73 Convertible? I need to see if I have one…
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    Restoring Dad's 73 Convertible

    Nothing like having 10 days stuck at home get some work done. I finally came down with Covid and spent my Covid quarantine in my shop finishing the interior. I found the reproduction rear interior quarter panels that my son purchased in 2013 to be ill-fitting junk. I ended up pulling the old...
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    Photo shoot with the green machine

    Beautiful car and family! I hope you get your engine soon…We love Alaska! Cheers
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    Finally Getting Active on this Site

    welcome from Reno, Nevada. love the Red convertible with white top! My Dad traded his to the dealership for the car I now have. Here's a pic. Cheers
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    Hello From North Idaho!

    Welcome from Reno, Nevada!
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    Hello from South Florida!

    Welcome from Reno, Nevada! Nice 73 Vert! I am currently struggling with interior plastics as well...sigh. What a fun car to drive though! Love the "smiles per gallon" line... gonna borrow that. cheers!
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    Hello From Central Florida

    Welcome from Reno, Nevada!
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    Hello from Reno, Nevada

    Thank you and wow! great looking convertible! What color is that?
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    Hello from Reno, Nevada

    Thank you thank you! Since my Dad changed the engine anyway, I figured there wouldn't be any harm in recovering the seats in a more comfortable way. I remember when I was a kid how hot and sticky the original vinyl was every summer in Phoenix. I chose the fabric inserts and the upholsterer...