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    Interior Door Panel Question

    Thanks everyone. I'm going to hit up Don at OMS. Doc
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    Interior Door Panel Question

    Here's what my interior door panels look like: I know there's no way to repair them, except charcoal lighter fluid. 🙂 Anyone have experience buying aftermarket deluxe interior door panels? If so, which company did you go with, and how was the result? Thanks! Doc
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    Frustrated Need Help

    Nothing wrong with that. After ruining two sets of cam bearings trying to install them myself, I took my rebuilt block to the pros and spent far less that it would have cost in continued frustration and parts. No shame in getting the pros involved to save $$ and headache medicine. My 2 cents.
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    pay it forward is for people who need it not for people who resell it at a profit

    If anyone knows of a member doing this, please PM a moderator with specifics. This won't be tolerated here. Thanks.
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    Hello everyone !!

    Welcome to the club from northern Nevada. Glad to have you here!
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    351 Cleveland Cam

    This is what I installed in my 73 'vert with 2V heads and I LOVE it! And this is how it performed right after it was broken in. Just some food for thought.
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    Still hanging in

    Good to see you again, Alan.
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    Howdy from Seattle

    Welcome to the club from northern Nevada. Glad to have you here!
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    Thanks to a member here

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    Dumb Car Maintenance Mistakes

    :P Sorry, had to chuckle at that one, Jim. I haven't done exactly the same thing, but I've filled the crank case with oil after draining, only to realize I forgot to reinstall the drain plug. Yep, 5 quarts of oil makes a BIG mess. You've got me with the keys, tho. :cool:
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    Engine's IN!!! (Birth Video!)

    Wow, what a beast!! :bravo:
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    Welcome to the club from northern Nevada. Looking forward to the pics!
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    New member

    Welcome to the club from northern Nevada. Looks like a great project you have - would like to hear more about it. Keep the pics coming - glad to have you here!
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    How you got your stang.

    Some awesome stories in this thread. Thanks for sharing, everyone!