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    Hello from Long Island - 73 Mach1 351C

    Watch a couple of youtube videos on the oiling issues. I am in a rebuild right now and my mechanic has added restrictions to prioritize main bearing lubrication. I have heard of a simple hose being run from front to back that has also mitigated most of the issue to prioritize. It's a deep...
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    Hello from Long Island - 73 Mach1 351C

    Might just want to see if you can deal with the Cleveland oiling deficiencies before you fire it up.
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    General Consensus on Replacement 351C Heads

    My ‘Dog’ comment was about stock 4V heads. This guy was trying to go cheap, that’s why I mentioned the port stuffers.
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    I have a regular 73’ hood if anyone wants it. No dents but the paint has peeled off about 15%. I live in Fort McMurray and take occasional trips to Edmonton and Calgary. Pay my gas if I bring it down or pay the postage. I have a hood box I received my NASA hood in.
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    General Consensus on Replacement 351C Heads

    Not sure where you live in proximity to Price Motorsports but they are the authority on the 4V Cleveland. Most headwork I know of with the 4V's end up with a car that kicks ass in the high RPM range but dogs it at the low end. The 4V heads are notorious for low airspeed until high RPM. These...
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    4r70w current day swap info

    I have a 4R75E for sale if anyone is looking for a mod motor swap and wants 4 speed auto. It was rebuilt recently with a stage 2 shift kit and has ZERO miles on the rebuild. Still has 19 months of warranty. Donor car was a 2009 Police Interceptor.
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    '71 with 408W CDAN4 EEC-V retrofit

    Great thread, Kudos! I have a '73 vert with a 351C that I am restoring and switching over to SEFI. I have found Decipha to be an excellent source of information (like 95% of what I now know). I have never completed an EFI conversion before so I am after picking up everything needed. I was happy...
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    Parts For Sale Body parts

    Do you still have the frame of the donor car? Is it a convertible? I am looking for the small trunk pan to back seat transition piece that covers the shock mounts. It has the bracket for the convertible top pump on it.
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    converting manual drum brakes to factory power front disc

    Mustang Steve sells a conversion kit if you're interested. I bought one but have not installed it yet. You'll need minimum 18" wheels to fit the 2015-2019 GT brakes on your 65-73
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    Parts For Sale 4R75E Performance Rebuilt stage #2 with 2200-2500 stall

    This is a Mod motor bellhouse rebuild, perfect for a Coyote swap if you want automatic. The donor car was a 2009 Crown Vic Police Interceptor. Still in the wrap from the tranny shop, never installed. $2800 CDN. Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
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    FMX to 4r70w swap

    Are your front tires 27.1" as well? Do you get any fender rub? Stock front suspension?
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    4r70w is going out TKO500 is going in :-)

    Ok thanks I will keep looking
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    4r70w current day swap info

    I am doing the same thing. The crossmember is harder to find that the Holy Grail. What are you using for a shifter?
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    4r70w is going out TKO500 is going in :-)

    Do you still have the transmission cross member for the 4r70w? I am looking for one.