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    Dynacorn parts and measurements for chassis straightener

    Hi Steve, whereabouts in NZ are you? I am in Wellington and nearly finished with the body work on my 72 vert and maybe able to help. Send me a PM it maybe easier to ring?
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    TMI 1-Piece Headliner

    I'm wondering if anybody has installed the TMI 1-Piece Headliner yet? Apparently this upgrade gives an extra couple of inches in headroom plus can...
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    Windshield wipers won't go down and windshield washer won't work

    kevken1959 I had a similar "frustrating" experience restoring my 71 Boss. To a certain extent where "professional" services were used it took away some of the fun and shine from the project. I'm having more fun restoring my 72 vert myself which in many ways I have the previous experience to...
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    Convertible temp bracing pictures?

    Hi Chet, I welded in some 1" steel bar at the beginning mainly as I needed to get the vehicle towed a few times (sand blasting, shifting premises). I didn't want the tow truck pulley to stretch the car without the doors on etc so added this bracing for good measure. I have replaced the floor...
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    Need Help identifying parts

    Hopefully the image helps...
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    Where to buy a new/used and working power steering box

    After rebuilding my power steering pump some time back without thinking about it I used some generic power steering fluid and it squealed and acted like you said yours did! Read here and on other places to use "ATF Type F" fluid. I drained what I had put in and used the type F and virtually no...
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    Cleaning up lights, wiper plastichrome bezels

    I had good results using aluminium foil - the stuff used in the kitchen. Just tear a strip off, place it in water for a few seconds then very gently rub the aluminium foil against the chrome. Repeat as necessary. No need to rub hard. Works well with minor pitting. Then wax when finished. Mine...
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    Decor group moldings on ebay.

    I bought a set of these moldings some time back. Very happy with the fit. My original set had been dented and generally worn out - eventually I will repair these though. If I recall no fasteners arrived so I used some ford trim molding clips (whatever they are called hopefully the attachment...
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    How to safely install trunk torsion bars

    I recently did this job. I purchased the tool mentioned above from West Coast Cougar and could not get it to work with my car (fastback body with the rear fold down seat). It may work on other body shapes and with out the fold down seat option. For me the purchase of this tool was a waste of...
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    Any tips on refinishing the chrome on dash parts?

    I am looking to use these guys: I think this is the same place that "bkdunha" mentions. I asked them for a quote last week and the price for each part restored was less than what the reproduction parts cost. They will repair broken parts such as...
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    4sp Lock out rod stud and nut

    I recently did this also. Best photo I could find was taken before the lockout rod was connected I never took any photos after this image. I recall the lockout rod is connected using the same stud/fasteners as what connects the shifter rods to the Hurst shifter assembly. Hopefully the picture is...
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    Fastback vs Coupe

    Asking those that have driven both the fastback and coupe shapes 1) is the head height the same/similar? 2) is the visibility better in the coupe? Wondering how the two styles compare to drive...
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    Identify these wires/plugs?

    What are the three plugs in the engine bay by the firewall used for? I see the 4 pin is for the neutral safety switch The 3 pin is for the engine feed I'm guessing one of the plugs is for the light in the auto transmission shifter housing (not sure which one though). Maybe one of these is...
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    Fuel vapor separator

    I did clean the other separator before installing it. I managed to find another rubber ring to replace the original. I cleaned up the "rusty" metal washer/ring also. The foam piece is only about the size of the center hole. When I cleaned it out about a tablespoon of dust with a strong petrol...
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    Fuel vapor separator

    Does anyone know what the foam type material is inside the fuel vapor separator that sits atop the fuel tank? I have found that if I install the unit without the foam when walking up to the car you can notice a petrol smell around the car. The other unit with the foam (and cleaned up since...