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    Nice Sprint for sale for big $

    This is a really nice looking car but seems expensive...
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    New guy

    Welcome! Nice car and a great story.
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    Just joined from Chicago Il.

    Welcome from Dundee IL
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    Thanks for having me!

    That's a great looking Sprint! Welcome
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    Best overall muffler for boss 351..

    My car had Flowmaster mufflers when I bought it and have been very satisfied with the sound. That being said I am not sure how much the differ from a stock muffler as far as sound and flow.
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    Gluing peeling decals

    Another good idea, thanks!
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    Gluing peeling decals

    Thanks kmash! I had never heard of Phoenix but they certainly make a lot of different decals. I reached out to them, hopefully they will respond. 
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    Gluing peeling decals

    A few of the points of the decals around the front wheel well have started to peel back, has anyone had any luck gluing small parts of the decal back to paint. If so what type of glue do you recommend?
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    Painting spoiler and back panel

    Ok, I will check in to that it seems fine since I am certainly not trying to do a Concours car. Thanks.
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    Painting spoiler and back panel

    Ok, thanks. I guess it should match the lower body black then.
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    Painting spoiler and back panel

    Thanks for the link. The Mach 1 has the honeycomb rear panel, the Boss is black. I am not sure how to paint it properly.
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    Painting spoiler and back panel

    I want to refinish by rear spoiler and back panel by fuel filler. The spoiler should be matte black right? What should be used for the black panel, the same matte black?
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Nice that are using your car that way, sounds like you had a great time.
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Nice! I have been wanting to replace my taillights but didn't want to paint them because I thought it would be very difficult. I wasn't wrong, that was a good tape job, I am not sure I could duplicate that. What paint did you use?
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    Realistic price for a decent Boss?

    I think I read that B1 prices are declining so this may not be a bad time to find a decent one and haggle. I like having a rare and unusual car and drive mine often.