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    How I met my Mustang

    My story began when I was a kid in Houston in the early 1970s. I watched in awe as some of the high school kids were coming home with GTOs, Trans Ams, Mustang and Cameros. Very few MOPARs in the area. I was in awe of the Trans Ams and Mustangs. My older brother was bringing home Hot Rod...
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    Horde old parts, or toss?

    I bout a new old stock power steering pump on eBay for the ridiculous amount of xxx. It was rebuilt with new bearings and seals and it works great! Much better than the cordone many times rebuilt variety. The new one will never go away.
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    Horde old parts, or toss?

    I tossed the old leaf springs because they had been re-arched and one was taller than the other and it gave my Mach 1 a crazy list. I also tossed the engine mounts. That I regret. My 72 apparently had 73 engine mounts but they were worn and in the way when I had my sanderson headers installed...
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    They say it is the best '72 Mach1 on the planet

    Im in agreement with it being nice but its a Mach 1 only in superficial appearance. I wouldn't give it much notice in a car show. Much like Chip Foose Frankenstein-ing a 71 Mach 1 on a modern Mustang. Why bother if you're going to destroy the history and character of a fine steed.
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    Hello all from CA

    Congrats on your new pride and joy! Howdy How from Texas! Mas pics please!
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    Parts Wanted Brake booster assembly

    I replaced mine with a new OEM style booster from There are other online vendors have it as well. I alway check with eBay as you may be able to find an original OEM booster that may work or you may be able to get rebuilt. They also have new oem style repro from other vendors. My...
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    72 Mustang Restomod

    Smokin hot Stang! She shore is purdy! Change nothing.
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    New from Missouri

    Another big Howdy from Texas! Nice slick ride. Looks well kept. Got any engine and interior shots?
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    Brake bleeding questions

    I changed out the front discs on mine from factory to Willwood and the rear I sorta cheaped out and went with Summit Racing rear discs. Do it again and I wold pony up the extra $$$ for the Willwood discs for the rear as well. I replaced all the lines with stainless but the rear from the...
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    5/16” copper steel tubing

    Its actually copper-nickel. They are good for brake, transmission and fuel lines. Easy to bend and flare.
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    New speedo cable, speedometer jumpy…

    I replaced my OEM speedometer with an Autometer replacement and had to buy a new cable to accomodate a screw connection while the OEM used a clip on connection. I can offer it up to you'd like. Still works great.
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    From Moscow with love!

    That straight 6 engine is 250 cubic inches or 4.1 liter and has plenty of power, gets good efficiency and is very reliable. I think you scored very well.
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    Moose is having a brother

    Mine was silver 2 door with a red interior. Had manual brakes but nice power steering. The A/C ran cold and I actually liked that car. My dad bought it new in 75 but my mom wrecked it in 1980 and in 1982. after the last wreck my dad parked it in the back yard and said F-it. My 78 Mustang II...
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    Moose is having a brother

    I love the 250 inch 6. Had one in my 1975 Granada. Also had the 3 speed top loader. Smooth running engine! I hope you have great success!
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    Hello from Hamburg

    The lower rear suspension is indicative of a special handling package from that time. I always thought that the rear springs were worn and that’s why the 1-2-3 mustangs were dragging ass. I replaced my rear springs with regular suspension type and the rear sits higher for a better stance.