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    Hello from Aurora CO 1973 Mach 1

    I just got my headlights yesterday. I'm looking forward to installing them this week. Thank you for the tip.
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    Alternative clock movement
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    Alternative clock movement

    Agreed, the more original the better. I just contacted RM to see if he can do a little tach work for me. He's got a very good reputation.
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    Alternative clock movement

    If you want to update it, I posted this 4/8/22 Fixing that broken clock. . You can use a buck converter if you want to wire it back in. It will drop the voltage from 12v to 1.5v.
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    Deluxe seat belts, seat parts and more interior parts

    The black belt at the top of the first picture with the cover on it. Do you still have it? I might be interested.
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    Electric Mustang anyone?

    Can they make it rumble and purr like my 351C. I'll pass.
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    Fixing that broken clock.

    I bought a $1 buck converter to drop the voltage to 1.5v. I decided against using it at this time because of daylight savings time. I'll still have the inconvenience of pulling the battery for an hour, or waiting to set the time and putting the battery back in. So for the time being this will...
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    Fixing that broken clock.

    Today I'm taking that broken factory clock and making it a nice quartz clock. Total cost of this project was less than $30. After I got started on this, I thought I should do a little how to while I was at it. Sorry, I thought of this after I got started. The only thing you missed was the...
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    New member

    Hello and welcome from Colorado. It looks like you have a nice start. Building these cars is a passion. Looks great so far. I would love to see more as it progresses.
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    Mustang Fantasy Graphics

    Beautiful work!!!!
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    Hello from Aurora CO 1973 Mach 1

    Thank you for the welcome.
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    Hello from Aurora CO 1973 Mach 1

    Thanks for the info on the lights. I just made an offer on eBay for $40 black rim. I really like them.
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    Hello from Aurora CO 1973 Mach 1

    I found the article on how to do it right here. Here's the link
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    Hello from Aurora CO 1973 Mach 1

    Here is the link I used on this site.