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    Need new Starter

    If you buy starter from auto parts store you may be disappointed, typically foreign products. If you have originally equipped starter then find a shop to rebuild it. The cost will be less and you will have better part. Not long ago my alternator failed, I inspected part available at local...
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    Rust in wheel well on rear passenger side

    My mustang is occupying my son's extended spring break.  His efforts to patch the rear passenger quarter panel found additional rust in the wheel well.  It is where the right hand rear floor meets the wheel well. A body shop replaced some of the floor panels in the 1990's. If possible I would...
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    another Oklahoma Mustang sighting

    Great, I will keep an eye out too.
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    Brake Lines

    I replaced my rear brake line, currently rear-drum but expect it wouldn't be difficult to adapt for disc if needed in the future.
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    Drove it for first time in 3 years!!

    Nice, I am sure the short ride brought back memories.
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    Which Optima Battery?

    They were bough out by Johnson Controls and quality has tanked. I personally have a Sears Diehard battery in my 71 -- no problems.
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    installing trunk weatherstripping

    I used an adhesive when installing my trunk weatherstripping -- done in the 80s.
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    Greetings, fellow Mustang lovers!

    Welcome from Oklahoma City
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    AC condenser

    I was looking at restoring my car's factory air conditioning system, didn't see many options on the condenser but did find this Does anyone have any experience with locating this part or using this company? Chris
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    speedometer drive gear

    Will need to know the gear ratio in your 8" rear-end.
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    Greetings from Tornado Alley

    Welcome from SW OKC
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    Rear wiring on alternator 1971 351c.

    You may have additional/different hookups for tach, but here is an illustration, i.e., look at the four wires that plug into voltage regulator. The terminals are labeled so you can make proper connections. If you are still not seeing it charge, it may be a electrical problem, use ohm meter to...
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    Welcome from Oklahoma City!
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    Battery not charging...alternator/electrical help please!

    I had the same experience, replaced battery, alternator and voltage regulator, still not charging. I found some problems with alternator harness (performed temp repair until I work with MidLife on correct alternator harness for my car), but still not charging. Some research revealed the...
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    Windshield replacement

    Yes, I was surprised when they turned away business. They did do my windshield previously but that was back in the 90's :-)