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    Anyone Interested in Going Electric?

    Steam all the way baby! Those gas and electrics are just a fad. :geek:
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    New guy from FL, hello…

    Welcome! My guess would be it was close to some intense heat. Still, the rest looks pretty darn solid. Nice!
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    What did you do to your car today?

    I just started mine for the first time since it went into hibernation this past winter. Normally it would take forever to work the fuel back into the carburetor but I installed a Sniper EFI last year. Fired right up!
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    Fixing that broken clock.

    It is also nice having the clock on it's own power supply if you use a battery cut-off switch on the car.
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    Early 1971 Fastback

    I think the pleated rear shelf (package tray) looks good.
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    New member

    Welcome. Sharp!
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    New member from oz

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    1972 Door Jamb Vent Purpose?

    I believe it is to help relieve cabin pressure quickly, like when you are closing the door. Also, when the windows are up and the blower fan is on pulling air into the car for heat and a/c, the old air has to go out to allow for flow.
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    Hello from Aurora CO 1973 Mach 1

    Nice! Welcome!
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    Hello From Utah!

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    New guy from NH

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    RIBS 71 convertible build JUNE 21 till??

    I will second that. You will want the column out of the way for installation of the dash and getting everything connected.