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    71 A Pillar cover LH, FB

    I appreciate the additional pics, but I can see that yours is damaged in that same area as mine is so I think I will pass. It doesn't make any sense for me to buy another one that is just like the one I have already. But again, thank you.
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    71 A Pillar cover LH, FB

    I'm interested in it. Do you accept PayPal?
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    71 Mach 1 paint color choice help

    I agree that white is everywhere. It seems that on new cars, SUV's and pick-up trucks, white and silver are "the" standard colors anymore. My company buys nothing but white cargo vans and pick-up trucks for our business and that's because they are are more readily available than any other color...
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    Seat upholstery question

    Thank you. The added height was the only thing I did not like about the upholstery. But they are very comfortable. I seemed to struggle more reupholstering the seat part of the rear seat. The back part of the rear seat was quite easy. I had to wait for a very sunny 80+ degree day and let the...
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    Dash Printed Circuit Replacement Issue

    You can hook up each one of the LED Bulbs to a 9-Volt battery to test them. The attached diagram shows which side of the bulb needs to be connected to positive 12-Volts.
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    Seat upholstery question

    Several months ago, I purchased the TMI Sport-II seat upholstery from NPD for my 73 Mach-1, which is also code GA. The Sport-II from TMI has the increased bolster thickness on the seat and the back. It is nearly identical to the factory upholstery except for the fact that the padding that I had...
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    Did you have to replace your front fenders on your 73 in order to use that 71 chrome bumper? I thought of doing that on my 73 but I was under teh impression that in order to do so, I had to use 71 (or maybe 72) front fenders .
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    Will 15x8 Repop magnum 500s fit on all four corners of our cars?

    I put 15x8's (4.5" backspace) all the way around on mine. P245/60R15's on front and P275/60R15's on the rear with no rubbing anywhere. I also replaced my sagging 4-leafs on the rear with a set of Scott Drake 5-leafs (195 Lb. spring rate) and I love the way it rides now and its stance looks good...
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    Longtime lurker, first time posting. 71 Mach 1

    Very nice! Welcome to the group. You can learn a lot on this forum. I know that I have.
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    Still trying to determine my engine

    Those look like they are the later 66.1cc closed chamber heads.\ according to the D1AE-GA casting number. Those were the same head castings that were used on the 1971 Boss 351 motor except that the Boss 351 heads were modified with adjustable rocker arms, etc. for use with the mechanical cam and...
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    71-73 Seat Track Extensions

    Does anyone know if seat track extensions are available from any manufacturer? I recently reupholstered the interior of my 73 Mach-1 and use TMI's Sport-II upholstery which has increased side bolsters on the front bucket seats and also uses thicker foam padding. The problem now is that due to...
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    Will 15x8 Repop magnum 500s fit on all four corners of our cars?

    I have 15x8 Magnum 500's on my 73 Mach-1 with 4-1/2" backspacing. I run P245/60R15's Cooper Cobra's on the front and P275/60R15's on the rear. I have no rubbing issues but the front tires come very close (like 1/8") to the the lowest part of the front fender wheel opening in front of the tire...
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    Suspension upgrade recommendations

    After tiring of seeing the rear end of my 73 Mach-1 drooping so much from worn out leaf springs, I installed a set of Scott Drake (#C5ZZ-5560-HD) 5-leaf rear springs which I purchased from Summit Racing. According to the specs on Summit they have a 195 Lb. spring rate and I love them (see...
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    Q Code ‘73 Mach 1

    I have a very similar Mach-1 but mine is 4-speed Toploader. I purchased it in 2020 after searching forever for a nice, reasonably priced 69 Mach-1 and fell in love with this "big nose" body style. I've had to do a little bit of of work to it but I absolutely love driving my nearly 50 year old...
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    Happy to be a New Member

    I wrote that info down somewhere when I first purchased the car but I cant seem to find my notebook at the moment. But if I remember correctly, the date code was "0F23". I don't know the casting number yet. I was going to obtain that info when I replaced the cam. The heads have the "4" marked on...