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    Cops on the Highway!

    Yes we have all probably experienced this and I am glad to hear you “simmered” down and realized he was just doing his job. They actually do these “max speed limit” patrols frequently on holiday weekends to help set safer driving behaviors. They have a hard enough time these days in being there...
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    Sold Center console clock and salesman pamphlet $50 shipped!

    I’ll take the clock off your hands. TY,
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    Do your kids love to ride your Mustang?

    My son studying in Germany loves coming home and getting some seat time. He swore he would never sell it if I still have it when my trip is over. 😎
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    Happy Halloween Pic Thread

    Next up: deer hunting and Turkey day!
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    Like / dislike of 71-73 Mustangs

    Cool story. What rear spoiler were you rocking?
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    Header options

    Those bends look interesting but not my style. I’m totally happy with my Sanderson coated huggers and I am sure I’m not noticing a HP loss vs LT’s on a 400/420 build for the droptop. I do know one thing though, there isn’t a scratch from my collectors on back… 😎
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    Over the Hood (Bonnet) Pictures

    Another beautiful day in LG WI and although I do like to golf, I hope I didn’t screw up anyone’s back swing from idle to 90 past the fairway! 😎
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    Over the Hood (Bonnet) Pictures

    Lake Geneva tonight at 46 degrees and the droptop still is down. This next week & 1/2 will be the peak for autumn road trips around here. 👍🏻
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    More Stupidity with Fire and Gasoline

    We all just played football/baseball with no protective gear until you joined the grade/high school team and had parents sign the insurance doc. Also played Lawn Jarts, and drank from a garden hose after you flushed the warm still water out. Oh how I now cherish the mid to late 70’s.
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    Bigger vacuum Brake Booster

    You should call WCCC and have them rebuild your OEM Bendix. Not sure on ‘73 but mine and a few cores I snatched for rebuild are # 9401. ‘73’s were redesigned from ‘1-2 so you will get exactly all you need to run your OEM system assuming you have Rdrum & Fdisc.
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    Extended warranty

    I agree with most of everyone’s comments on the extended warranty and I didn’t feel like taking a gamble with our newest addition last year, basically a driving computer and does needs 91 premium (which may have changed my mind before brandon’s decision to start killing FF). Anyway, we rolled...
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    New 2024 Mustang

    If we could go back to the late 60’s and if they had a SM platform like today to read the comments it would be astounding what was being said about changes to all the muscle cars going through their evolutions. As for rite now, I have to say the stangs are the sexiest, then camaros, and then...
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    H Pipe diameter

    This set up is with 1 7/8” Sanderson’s and SS Magnaflows and a C4. It all depends where you find the space to install the X or H… Good luck with your setup!
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    New to me 1972 Mustang convertible

    My 72 has a white top and plastic window. Out of the 6400ish they built I would have thought there would have been less made with glass…
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    New to me 1972 Mustang convertible

    And I got this….