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    Tach quit; most likely suspect?

    my '73 did the same thing. didn't move. Sooooo with engine runnng i smacked the hell out of the top of dash. it was stuck and now working.
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    Storage Questions

    i also agree to drain the tank. and since the engine does run..... FOG the hell out of it. u don't need to try and take a motor apart that is seized up
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    Pertronix Ignitor II with Factory Tach

    many yrs ago i did pertronix in mine. all i replaced was the points. used orig coil, resistor wire to feed everything and tach worked fine. and ran fine for 5 yrs until i sold it.
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    Extended warranty

    i leased my 2019 ford ranger that is up next month (3yrs). with the price of new trucks i said no way... so i bought it. i did get the bumper to bumper, 60k miles and 5 yr extended warr. it has a $100 deductible for $2200. its a lariat with FX4 package so it has a ton of stuff that kill your...
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    New 2024 Mustang

    well that's different. i like it to. ya the front end looks almost like the Camero. a ton of options. after watching i can only thing that if u want that GT buy it new. for u don't know how it was driven from former owner. they could have beat it to death.
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    What was with this Mustang? 2F05H for $88,000?

    i love watching barrett and mecom. on saturdays that brings out the mega millionaires. so $88 grand is pocket change. what i really see is business owners making major profits .. parts and labor cost them $1500 bucks and u pay $10k....
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    Hello, I am a new member from Bayville, NJ.

    welcome from delaware.... your move to NJ.. enjoy the property taxes there... $$$$$$$ plan on going to the wildwood show next spring. on the boardwalk and a really nice show. you'll need to eat on the boardwalk for hardly anything IN town and gas it outside town to.
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    New here

    welcome from delaware. i'm in a no mustang phase right now, sold the stang a few months ago... yes i'm a dumb ass, i miss it... looking for another now.
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    $20k-$30k for a paint job?

    for 20-30 grand i sure hope u are thinking of keeping the car forever. i looked at a mach1 in north new jersey and needed repaint. called a few shops and all were around 8k$. it needed some body work so it took to 15k$. paying 16k for the car plus another 15k for body paint i passed. less head...
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    Nicely optioned 72 Mach on eBay - shield your eyes!!

    wow. didn't expect that interior. FUR doors. and u gotta be close to the car after auction for it's a $60 plus $20 per day storage after 3 days.
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    New guy from Culpeper, Va.

    i agree with kelgon. facebook mkt place has several. u didn't give your location so do u want something close or willing to travel to look at it?? i sold my '73 fastback 3 months ago and regret it badly. so i'm looking to
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    160k Mach1

    ya i think the saturday nite was for billionaire's only... i could not believe the prices on some of the cars... and the Hummer for charity went for 2 1/2 million bucks... the #1 vin of 2022 mustang went big too...
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    Beginner needs help!!!

    keep a can of starter spray with u for kicks.. does the rad have fan shroud? if not get one. might be time for new rad too. ck the timing it could be off. i'd also suggest u run the engine for a few then shut it off and look into the carb. if it's dripping then a carb rebuild is in the near...
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    mustang T-shirts

    got mine yesterday.. looks wonderful.. wear it today..
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    7173 T-Shirt Pre-Order Info

    got my shirt yesterday. looks great... almost looks like my car on the back. but it was photo shopped and put the blinkers on wrong... oh well the selections looks wonderful... wearing it today..