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    Air Conditioning & Heating Help

    Your first picture shows the heater hoses removed. These need to be reinstalled and the control valve reconnected to the vacuum control system per the comments by Hemikiller above.
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    Hood call out number install

    I have used this with good results.
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    Don't know where these parts go.

    They go outboard of the headlights in the openings of the fender mounting brackets that are welded to the fenders.
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    The 5th character is your engine code
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    Parts Wanted 71 Mustang Windshield trim

    Marc, I started a conversation with you earlier today. I have a set. Check your mail box at the upper right.
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    Interior parts

    Sorry, door panels sold long ago. I do have the rear interior side panels, black, for power windows.
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    71 mustang firewall speedometer opening ?

    Mine too comes through the hole behind and above the brake booster, pretty much a straight shot from the back of the speedo.
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    Part Info Needed

    73s also, they mount to the fender brackets next to the headlight boxes.
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    No start; no juice with the key in on or start positions but accessory works fine

    I had a similar situation a few years ago. Turned out the battery was bad, went from starting the engine one time fine, next time nothing. You can likely have the battery load tested at a car parts store.
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    New speedo cable, speedometer jumpy…

    I had this issue also. Found the cable was not fully snapped in to the back of the speedo. When I corrected that it worked fine.
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    71-73 mustang console clock Wire harness.

    West Coast Classic Cougar has used ones. About $65
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    HP Power Steering Hose Insulation Needed.

    Be careful of EPDM, it is not oil resistant. Absorbs oil and swells/ softens up.
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    nothing seems to match

    The 4 speed top loader normally also has a partial VIN stamped on it. I believe it is on the top flange that joins to the bell housing. On numbers matching cars, all the various partial VINs should match, Engine, trans, chassis. Was there a built sheet under the "original" carpet when you...
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    1971 1972 1973 Mustang fastback wind down quarter window conversion

    Looks pretty straight forward with the needed parts from donor coupes or convertibles. I think Mach 1s look better with the rear windows down when possible. My Mach 1 has power windows and during restoration when I took everything apart, cleaned everything up, re-lubricated, reassembled and...
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    Name of Parts

    The fold down door has a latch on both the right and left side. I left you a private message letting you know I have a couple for sale.