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    Header options for 351w stroker in 71-73' mach

    I have JBA's for that app (though older Tremic 5 speed) that I hope to have installed when I get back home in September.
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    Hiya gang, in dire need of a "low mileage" working 73 speedo with trip odometer. Thx for your service.

    I have a full gauge package from my '73 that was fully functional when I replaced it with a Dakota Digital system. I am not interested in parting it out. PM if interested.
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    What did you do today instead of working on your Mustang?

    Went to a gun show that I will be heading back to tonmorrow to buy.
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    Show me Examples of aftermarket gauge or tach installs?

    Dakota Digital in my 73.
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    What did you do today instead of working on your Mustang?

    I was out again with my new Bergara B14R playing with various match 22 rf ammunition. The new trigger is flawless and the gun shoots.
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    To EFI or Not EFI, that, and which one, is the question.

    I have the Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4 installed on my 427 Windsor and so far (500 miles) it has been a dream. When we had "the freeze" here in Texas last year I wanted to see how it would start/run. Perfectly. The ECU is mounted in the cab behind the glove box. Throttle response is incredible and gas...
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    The “correct” fan shroud

    I have my original take-off shroud from my 73 Mach 1 351 Cleveland available if that will help.
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    Firewall penetration point for ECU wiring

    In the cab, Pro-Flow 4, behind the glove box.
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    Spare tire options
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    Spare tire options

    A simple photo attachment is lost here compared to any other forum I am on. Why be different?
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    Spare tire options

    With the rear seat useless for me I went this route.
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    Spare tire options

    With the rear seats all but useless for me I went this route with a near full size.
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    My new wheel and tire combo

    Thanks. I have the SoT coil overs up front and 4 1/2 leaf mid-eyes in the rear. I am thinking my tires are 26"-ish. Appreciate the reply. My next move...
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    Let me see that junk in your trunk....

    As I have zero use for the rear seats I went this route.