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    Anyone know how to get a Grant horn button to function and not just spew sparks?

    This was also the case with my Grant Challenger set-up. At random times while turning the wheel I would hear one of the flasher cans operating in the dash, though the blinkers were never flashing when this happened. Turns out the peaks of the hex on the nut were just touching the horn copper...
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    1971 1972 1973 Mustang fastback wind down quarter window conversion

    1971 to 1973 fastbacks didn't come out with wind down quarter windows - the only way you could go pillarless was to order the electric window option. However all the holes and mounting points are pressed into the inner rear quarter side wall to allow the winding mechanism from a '71-'73 coupe to...
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    Sport hubcaps vs dog dish

    I love the retro look clean look of the dog dish hubcaps, if it were my car I would keep them on!
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    I’m a Simpson

    That is awesome!
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    Hello again to all!

    JimNiki and Luxstang are back....well I'll be darned, the ol' gang is back together again! You didn't see URUGUAYAN_FASTBACK on your travels did you, I always wondered what happened to that guy.......
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    AWOL tutorials

    Where did the tutorials in "Aesthetics, Interior and Exterior" go to ?
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    Don't try this at home

    Pretty sure nobody has to believe this, looks fairly fake to me. Why would a car that's been set fire to at the gas filler start exploding first under the hood and then fly backwards like it's rocket powered?
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    I wanna run for Pres. of the USA

    Well, you are welcome to come to Australia any time the wildlife starts to get out of control, your ecky-thump skills would come in handy during such circumstances. On a side note, about three weeks ago I had my Mustang parked for a while in the open backed garage on the side of my house rather...
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    I wanna run for Pres. of the USA

    Kind sir, as an Australian I take exception to the serious misinformation presented here :chin: We do not ride crocodiles and get chased by funnel web spiders, we ride crocodiles to hunt down funnel web spiders.
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    What did you do today instead of working on your Mustang?

    I'm assuming the fences around the trees are there to either stop horse munching on the trees, or to stop horse carts from hitting the trees, or both. Here's another one that I've just finished adding color to from 1875, and how it looks now:
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    What did you do today instead of working on your Mustang?

    Ok, with some help from google streetview I am able to put up now and then comparison pics! Year 1857 1870's, same location as the photo above The above two photo's now: 1870's The above photo now: 1870's The above photo now: 1870's The above photo now: 1870's The...
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    What did you do today instead of working on your Mustang?

    I've been spending time adding colour to old black & white photo's of my hometown, Bendigo (Victoria, Australia) to add to our local Facebook history page. Bendigo was founded out of the gold rush of 1851 and the Bendigo fields have produce over 700,000kg (154300 lbs) of gold between...
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    Patriotic '73

    Well that's an attention getter, I like it!
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    73 Mach 1 river recovery in Washington

    Can somebody order a Muddy Report for this one so we can see what options it has?