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    Source for Pwr Steering Pump & Pully

    How original are you trying to be with it? I'm running some underdrive pulleys I got off ebay way back int the day. And last year I replaced my pump with a new one from Lares. West coast cougars lists a handful of different power steering pulleys...
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    Fuel Pump replacement or upgrade?

    I run the basic mechanical fuel pump like you get at autozone. On all my old cars from inline 6 to 302, 350, 351, and 429. They work fine with the holley and edlebrock carbs. Unless you are running your 302 at like 9k RPMs, you probably wont be needing any sort of high volume aftermarket...
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    Windshield removal

    The video a couple posts up shows a guy using the glass removal tool and not breaking the window. For people who dont know auto glass, the windshield is 2 layers of glass laminated together with a layer of plastic. This is the easiest one to crack, since its 2 layers of pretty thin glass. All...
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    Windshield removal

    My dad was an autoglass installer most of my childhood. I hung out at the shop and rode along and watched him do thousands of them. You can to just about any car with basic screwdriver and pics to remove the trim, then a cutter like this for the bulk of the work. At places where the urethane...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    We had a bit of cold weather with rain lately. I took the opportunity to roast some tires. Had the 73 mach1 rustang out and busted some doughnuts in the grocery store parking lot. The ol' girl whips that fat butt around quick.
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    Cool wall art or ?

    I was actually planning on hanging my front end on the wall. Whenever I get around to doing the body work, the hood, both fenders, and bumper are getting replaced. I had thought about making the old parts into a desk. Had also considered mounting them together and hanging them from the wall...
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    Opinions on going EFI

    What puts me off of the EFI systems is when you lookup reports of them not working. Sure, when they work as advertised, they are great. Sometimes they don't work right. With holley, they means you have to literally take the entire unit off your car and mail it in for repairs. Last time I...
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    Help! Need FMX trans leak opinions please.

    You could think about it like a math problem. How much will it cost to pay somebody to fix it? Shop probably wants $500+ just to crack open your transmission. How much does it leak in transmission fluid if you just park the car and let it leak? How much does it cost in gas to crank your car up...
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    1969 Thunderbird 429

    No. I ended up buying myself a nice little 69 mustang, so haven't been in a big hurry to get rid of the tbird. I'm still open to offers for the tbird.
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    72' Rag joint replacement inquiry

    I used the lares 201 on mine. Replaced it from the bottom. There was enough room with the headers and the steering gear still in place.
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    72 Mach 1 vs tree

    Est. Retail Value $39,154 USD Looks like no power brakes, no AC. Surprisingly, the front bumper looks like its in great shape. Thats one of the harder parts to get for these cars. Some of the sheet metal that still looks good are the parts I could use for mine. Tail light panel, rear...
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    Value of 1969 429 and C6 from T-Bird

    Not to completely hijack the thread, but what would you guys say the value is on the same engine and transmission OP was asking about, but still in a running and driving car with all the accessories, from oil pan to air cleaner and including the power steering pump, alternator, exhaust...
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    Need help with 6 cyl dual exhaust sources

    I would guess this is probably the right answer then. If somebody did come out with a kit, they'd probably only sell single digits. Not a lot of buyers out there looking to leave their 71-73 mustang with a 6cyl, but add a header and full dual exhaust.
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    Need help with 6 cyl dual exhaust sources

    What motor would you be wanting to run dual headers and dual exhausts on? Aren't the 71-73 6cyl like the 200 and 250 inline 6? All the exhaust ports are on the same side of the engine, so it only had the single exhaust manifold.
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    Edelbrock Carb Empties

    I think the 2 most probable things are its evaporating or the fuel line down to the pump is draining. In my truck, and in some other vehicles I've seen, a cheap 1-way valve in the fuel line close to the carb inlet solved it.