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    dropping in new engine

    When you're young and poor, you do what you gotta do. I didn't have a garage or a driveway. I definitely would have preferred to have one. :D
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    dropping in new engine

    I dropped mine in with the transmission and long tube headers attached. Radiator was out and hood was removed and sitting on top of the car. All the steering and suspension was still in place It went in very easily. To add to it, it was done in my back yard, in the dirt. Car was up on ramps...
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    Lower Cowl Repair Question

    IMO, the more of the original metal you can leave in place, the better. If you can get away with patching it and not pulling the entire car apart to replace the full upper and lower cowls, then thats definitely better. It would be a matter of how big the rust damage is and where is it at...
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    Hand brake?

    Lokar makes aftermarket parking brakes. They have cables that are the "cable in a sheath" type. That gives you more freedom when routing them as opposed to our factory one which is just a bare cable. Then pick whatever parking brake handle looks least out of place in your car and bolt it to...
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    nothing seems to match

    I can think of a few reasons why the vin would be ground off. First is what everybody else is thinking. Somebody stole a car, swapped the dash to get a new VIN, and removed the buck tag and ground off the partial VIN under the fender. I could also see the car needed repairs. If it was...
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    Fuel sending unit

    I guess I'm late to the party. But I'm running the kit from Mr. Mustang, part number MA14849. Its the tank, sending unit, straps, screws, and some rubber gaskets. It installed in my 73 without any issues.
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    Single/double din unit instead of vents

    For years I rode around with the single DIN stereo out of my ford ranger stuffed under the heater/AC controls in my mach1. There's room there between the transmission tunnel and the trim around the heater. I bet if you can find a single DIN with a touchscreen you can make it work. Some of...
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    Carby selection

    There are calculators and formulas you can use to see exactly how many CFM your engine will need. 351CID spinning 7000RPM running 85% volumetric efficiency will need to flow 600CFM. Same size engine, running 5000 rpm, and even running down at 75% volumetric efficiency only needs 380CFM. Its...
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    Headers vs Manifolds

    My C10 with a 350 had this issue. Headers put off enough heat that the starter wouldn't work until it cooled down after being parked a while. I put a heat shield on the starter and it solved it.
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    Headers vs Manifolds

    It also matter what flavor of headers you have. A lot of aftermarket ones have the big 3 bolt triangle mounting flange. Those flanges can be the narrowest part and what the bell housing will bump into. On some of my cars, the exhaust guy just cut the flange off and welded the tube straight to...
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    Mustang Museum Limited availability 73 diecast

    Target sells a few different 73 mustangs. Looks like they have the one OP linked to. Says they're making just under 15k of these...
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    Cool 73 Mach 1 video

    Door panels kinda look like similar design to the basic interior handle and arm rests but has that woodgrain square with a running horse.
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    Size Matters.....???

    I was measuring not too long ago to size up a garage and a lift. My 73 mach1 with the big urethane bumper was about 17ft long. My buddy's relatively new F150 was just shy of 20ft.
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    71-73 Hood and trim parts for sale

    If you take pictures of the chrome and green ones side by side, it would be easy to tell if one of them was 71-72 and the other was 73. Based on the location of the mounting studs, it does look like the green one is longer.
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    Mach 1 with 460 takes too much gasoline!

    To piggyback on this, you can use that same vacuum gauge to help learn to drive for more better fuel economy. Run the vacuum hose out from under the hood and into the cockpit so you can watch the vacuum as you drive. Watch as you step on the gas pedal, the vacuum drops down. Practice driving...