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    Anyone Interested in Going Electric?

    I would love to go electric.
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    Billboard circa 1971

    Would look good on garage wall.
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    WHY? are 71-73 stangs so big?

    Reminds me of a high school dance. The cute skinny one always had a "big" friend.
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    Swamp Cooler Spray

    Found a great deal on spray bedliner at a car show. Guy had about half a pallet, I said how much if I buy it all? Ended up with 30 cases (360) cans for 100 bucks! Wow, "I can use this stuff on anything" I thought. Every can was dead.
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    71 Mach 1 paint color choice help

    Every day you see the Blue car, you'll be thinking about all the memories in the White car. Go with your first thought. The White is striking!
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    $20k-$30k for a paint job?

    I can still hear the commercials!
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    Rear Spoiler opinion, Yes or No?

    Must have read your mind Don C.
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    A pin-up picture for your workshop

    Step 1, check.
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    Rear Spoiler opinion, Yes or No?

    James Bond did pretty good without one.
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    Putty plastic repair

    ABS slurry or paste made with shavings from a like part or scrap part. Use a glass jar, add enough shavings and acetone to melt the plastic. Vary the shaving/acetone ratio to get the desired consistency. Becomes one with the original plastic part. Practice on some scrap first.
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    Did we lose the "garage" album pages? Or is it that I just can't find them?

    There was a section with tons of members cars sorted by year?