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    Fire Damage - Need Great North Texas Paint and Body Shop?

    It took three fire extinguishers one was from inside the car. It looks like a gas Leak from the back bowl on the holly carb. The hood was shut and I heard the backfire then smoke. The scariest part was it was in the garage. The insurance is with haggerty and we are working to see how close to...
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    Fire Damage - Need Great North Texas Paint and Body Shop?

    Sunday I had and engine fire that took out the passenger side fender, door and hood. This was due to a backfire and fuel leak. I will be looking for a Great Paint shop in the next two to three months. Any help with recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and be safe!
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    71-73 Monte Carlo Bar Installed

    It looks Great! What would your guy charge to make one just like yours? I have the same engine/AC set up you do. Thanks for the Pics!
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    Housing - Instrument Cluster Restore

    I used the Dupli Color Perfect Match Spray Paint Duplicates Original FORD Colors #BFM0383 Silver Met Replaces T229 Form O'Riellys Auto Parts (any Auto Parts Store). This was on the advice of this web site It came...
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    Welcome and beautiful car!
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    Just installed the Polk Audio speakers into the MP Products Kick Panels with pods

    Update on the parking brake? What hand brake did you use? I was looking to do the speaker install on my coupe and was trying to decide between a dash or floor hand brake. Then if a floor hand brake where to put it? Wow this gets gets out of control fast! :s
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    Obsidian71 2013 TAIL LIGHT INSTALL

    The J I'm sure you have looked at the 2013 tail lights but maybe someone has smacked one up by now and you can get a board from a junkyard. I was just thinking for research on the white/red LEDs and the halos. it looks like the halos are the parking/running lights and the center three are the...
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    Custom Tail Lights

    The lenses look GREAT and they look AWESOME on Q's car! I think they'll sell like hotcakes and you'll need to get a manufacturer once you get the final design. Maybe even look into getting them carried by mustang parts shops. Keep up the great work!
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    Fan Switch and Switch Plug

    Follow up Midlife sent me a plug for the fan switch with pigtails and I also ordered a new fan switch from Mustangs Unlimited. The bad fan switch was shorting and melted the plug. A new switch and plug in place and it works like a charm. Midlife is AWESOME and any wiring for our cars that...
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    You're not listening

    Too Funny!
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    Fan Switch and Switch Plug

    Thanks! It's a 72 with factory AC. I'll PM you with my info.
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    Fan Switch and Switch Plug

    I know I have a bad fan switch (over heated contacts) I also have a damaged switch plug. This is the plug that plugs directly into the fan switch. I have located a new replacement switch but have been unable to locate the plug. Anybody else have this issue? My only other idea is to build...
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    New suspension mods available- Maier Racing

    +1 I am also looking to do sub frame work and wanted to the same thing. On the other hand I really like what Obsidian71 did on his car but I don't think I have the skill he does with a welder. Just found this on Dallas Mustangs site "Subframe...
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    WOW! I think you need a camera crew and you could have a great Overhaulin episode! I also believe Chip Foose would be impressed. I have seen this type of a job done on a 72 Camaro with 98 interior and drive train but a 71-73 Stang is WAY COOLER! :udaman: