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    What is correct snubber arrangement 71 351-2v vert?

    that is the pinion snubber plate in the location where you have the two loose bolts. I don't think anything actually mounted there. I think all the cars had the reinforcement plate, but not sure that all cars would have pinion snubber, might be limited to manual transmission and 4V cars. Are...
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    WTB Complete 9" pinion snubber bracket assembly

    I have one in good shape, actually all original finish. What sounds like a fair price + actual shipping to you?
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    WTB Complete 9" pinion snubber bracket assembly

    I think I have one, I'll go take a look.
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    Engine hoist modification

    I've used it a lot since the conversion (and used the old ram to fix a different one lol) I really can't recommend it enough when working by yourself.
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    Did I Ruin My Ram Air Hood Springs?

    I suspect the springs are fine and the hinges are the problem, The hinges get sloppy and can be rebuilt.
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    2.75 to 3.50 3rd member swop issues

    That 23 tooth gear is prone to wearing out quickly, just so you aren't surprised when it fails after 10-15K miles
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    1929 Model A Tudor

    Ignore the floor, it is coming back out as the body is being raised just a bit to get the floor above the transmission shift levers to create enough room for the pedals
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    1929 Model A Tudor

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    1929 Model A Tudor

    So here are some recent photos. Body is going to come up a bit, mostly in the back, and the grill shell will not be angled. Front track width is 60" to the center of the tires, 70" to the outside. Rear width is 66 to center 76 to the outside and the overall wheelbase is 100". I've used the...
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    Has anyone attempted a rear seat delete?

    make sure and use the SEM plastic primer after a very thorough cleaning and scrubbing.  It works well if the prep is done well and it peels off if it isn't  Been through a few cans learning that lesson
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    WTB Lakewood Safety plate 15726

    Thanks, but I found one the other day.  Hope you are doiing great
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    Has anyone attempted a rear seat delete?

    as to the rear interior panels . . . I've found that it is hard to repaint them, no matter how much prep you do.  Consider having them covered by an upholstery shop for a one and done solution.  Might be able to cover with car wrap even.
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    Has anyone attempted a rear seat delete?

    That looks as good as the rear seat deletes sold commercially.