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    Parts For Sale 3 point seat belts/Heater and AC parts

    Have a set of 3 point seatbelts. Used for a very short while. Black. Forget which brand, hit me up if interested and i'll climb in the attic and look. $85 to your door in the lower 48. Also have the interior portion of the HVAC for a 71 factory A/C car. Box, controls, vacuum block, ducts...
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    Parts Wanted Wanted 351c “powered by Ford” valve cover - right/ pass only

    You can have both of them for the price of shipping. Message me your address and I will get that figured out.
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    Electric Fan Pictures

    I did this conversion during the re-build. 351C mated to a Tremec 5 speed.
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    Electric Fan Pictures

    One is wired into the Holley temp sensor and comes on at 192* The other is wired into the Holley A/C trigger and runs full time anytime the A/C is turned on. With the A/C off, the single fan is plenty. Each fan draws about 20 amps and yes, you can hear them. They sound comparable to any of the...
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    Electric Fan Pictures

    Derale 16927 - Contains 2-12" Spal fans attached to a stock radiator. Controlled by the Sniper. Consistently at 192* with or without the A/C running or in traffic.
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    1971 A/C Idler Pulley Bracket

    Assume you are going back with the stock York compressor?
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    Air Conditioner Compressor Brackets

    47 views and no replies... :) Circling back for anyone else that may have this question. I was able to resolve with a mounting bracket from Vintage air. they make a bracket specific for a 351C to mount a Sanden compressor.
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    WTB a complete Air Conditioning kit.

    Yes, the CCA kit is super nice. @71coop - I wish the controls were a little more vintage as well. However, I installed a double DIN touchscreen stereo so it doesn't look too bad. @rmowery - My cowl was rusted at this spot so I took the opportunity to weld up the intake. Do kinda miss the fresh...
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    Air Conditioner Compressor Brackets

    Hello all - Seems these are like finding unicorns. Last year, I installed a Classic Auto Air system in my son's 71/351C. It came with the Sanden compressor and a retrofit bracket to install which I thought was good since all of the original stuff was missing. Problem is, the mount does not use...
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    WTB a complete Air Conditioning kit.

    I have an A/C heater box as well as the controls from a 71. It is basically the interior side of the firewall. I would let you have it for the price of shipping. It will need some clean up and a little work.
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    WTB Windshield glass for 73 Convertible

    My son and I replaced his windshield in his 71. Bought a cheap removal kit and 3M puckey from Amazon, got new trim clips from CJ's... Took us a day to get the old one out and clean the years of old puckey. The result was 100% better. As for the trim, it simply "unclips" just find where the...
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    Interior parts

    Still have a rear ashtray?