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    Quarter Window Parts

    Here’s a couple of pics of what you need
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    Quarter Window Parts

    He’s in North Carolina if that helps. I’m not sure how many others there are
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    Quarter Window Parts

    Try Mike from Motor City Mustang or you can try Scotty Strickland on Facebook. You need the parts from a convertible or coupe.
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    Door alignment, which hinge to adjust

    Great idea! Love the wall art too
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    Had to laugh when I saw this!

    Barrett Jackson auction
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    Hello all from CA

    Hello and Welcome from Michigan. Good luck with your new ride!
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    Greetings All! Glad to be back in the saddle...

    Hello and Welcome from Michigan!
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    New member in PA

    Hello and Welcome from Michigan!
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    New Member from Michigan

    Hello and Welcome from another Michigander!
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    New member

    Hello and Welcome from Michigan. Sweet looking ride and very cool to have such low mileage!
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    Problem found with Hella LED conversion headlights.

    I have theses lights too. Haven’t been caught in the rain since I installed them. I will have to check this out, thanks for letting us know Geoff!
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    Ken, very sorry to hear about your wife’s health problems. Sure hope she’s going to get better! Best wishes to you both.
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    Muffler Recommendation

    I have the super turbos on my car and I really like them. Not really loud when cruising but when I jump on the gas you can definitely hear em!
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    Intro from Az