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    Post your funny stories, jokes, cartoons, etc.

    Yep! Been there, done that! I bought my Mach as a demo so I did not get to pick any of the options. My car also has the rim blow wheel. Took some time to get use to it. Waved to a lot of people I did not know when I grabbed the steering wheel to turn!!! :rolleyes:
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    Ford unlocks its vault

    Wow, some great stuff here. Thanks for posting.
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    1971 Boss 351 Engine & Trans O/H

    Stevieray, Your engine installation looks very good. You did not install a engine "351 C.I.D. Ram Air" decal on your air cleaner lid as a number of others make the mistake in doing. That decal actually came on the 1970 GT350. In reality, Ford felt that the "351 (or 429) ram air" lettering...
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    1971-1973 Mustang Parts For Sale

    Bill, Thanks for the update Bill, but I will still pass for now.
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    1971-1973 Mustang Parts For Sale

    Bill, A bit more on the shipping end than I expected. Go ahead and let the other guy take it. Mac
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    1971-1973 Mustang Parts For Sale

    Bill, If I understand you correctly, price of moldings plus shipping would be $175. Is that correct? Mac
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    1971-1973 Mustang Parts For Sale

    Bill, Interested in wheel openings moldings. Could you please provide close up pics of each. Thanks! Mac
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    Billboard circa 1971

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    Early 1971 Fastback

    Years ago, I knew an old "lead sledder" who has long since gone to that big garage in the sky. However he had a (gross) saying that actually had a lot of truth in it, he used to say, " restoring a car is like drinking out of a spittoon, once you start, you can't stop because its all...
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    71 429 coupe featured in latest Hemmings mag

    Our cars are starting to get more attention. In the May 2022 issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines, there is a nice 7 page write up on a silver 71 coupe powered by a 429. The car looks like a show car but is also a drag car. I won't say that this car is fast, but looking at the owner's picture it...
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    Mach 1

    One other metric other than the "05" in the VIN is the BODY field on the Safety Standards Label located on the drivers door. This field will have "63R" listed for Mach1 where as a convertible will have "76D". This applies from 71 - 73.
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    New to the group, Lifelong Mustang guy

    Very nice convertible. Hope you have garage space for your wife. Had to kick my garage out to make it a four car so my wife can have an indoor space. Happy wife/happy life. LOL
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    Pay postage and its yours free

    It's yours, send me your mailing address. I will package up/take to post office and let you know of the actural postage and just for your info I will copy and send you the post office receipt. Mac
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    Pay postage and its yours free

    A friend gave me a copy of the Nov, 2011 Hemmings Motor News magazine. The feature story as shown on the front cover is, "Buyer'sGuide: 1971-73 Ford Mustang". Already had a copy, so if you want it, send me $6 (a guess at shipping). I can give you a firm shipping cost once I know where, but...
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    1972 Firestone test car - Bring a Trailer

    Nice piece of history. It will be interesting to see how much it goes for and what the new owner does with it. FYI Firestone had a test center not to far from me here in Canfield Ohio, but I believe it was for tractor tires, but I could be wrong.