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    Disc brake issue

    Guys , i forgot to say that the rotors that i have on my car are Original FOMOCO rotors... I understand that rims or discs or flywheels should be balanced , but i never saw balance weights on Original Ford parts..
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    Disc brake issue

    Last week when i cruised the interstate at 60 mph my left front wheel blocked totaly ... , came loose again and blocked totaly again... when i managed to stop the car on the emergency lane i found out that there was a little chunck of steel between caliper and disc.. I removed it , wheel came...
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    Hello from Japan!

    Welcome from the Netherlands... JB
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    installed new rad cap and now runs hot!

    Should i use a 16LB cap on my 351CJ also ??? JB
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    First Timer

    Welcome from the Netherlands... JB
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    1972 Mach 1 Close to done

    Welcome from the Netherlands... JB
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    Finally had the seats repaired!!

    Looks absolutely fantastic , stunning job !!! JB
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    april fools

    If you want one from the Netherlands ... please mail me your adress. Hilarious prank !!!! JB
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    Pics of Medium Lime Metallic w/ Red Interior

    I don't think medium lime metallic with a red interior is a good combo... The medium lime is awesome , i would change the interior color... JB
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    How to restamp the vin?

    It's also forbidden in Europe to tamper with these tags ..... but if you realy need to do this , you have to search the internet... What's the reason you want to do this ?? JB
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    New member saying hello to everyone

    Welcome from the Netherlands.. JB
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    1969 Shelby GT-500 8500 mile garage find

    link is dead....
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    Need a new radiator

    I went to a radiator shop last week , they put in a new cooling block with double capacity.. If i have to ship one over to this side of the pond it would cost me a lot of money. JB