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    New member from Tulsa Oklahoma

    Welcome from San Diego.
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    Greetings All! Glad to be back in the saddle...

    Welcome form San Diego
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    The Rickster - a 73 Mach 1 work in progress

    Nice job!! Thanks for posting.
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    Don't know where these parts go.

    Quick pic on left fender.
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    My 73

    Damn strait you should be proud of it! Nice job!
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    R.I.P. Eddie Phillips (FastE)

    So sad to here of the passing Eddie. My wife and had the pleasurer meeting him his wife and son when they where visiting San Diego. We had a great evening talking Mustang here at the house. R.I.P. FastE
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    Hello all from CA

    Welcome from Escondido.
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    71 Coupe Carlsbad CA

    Welcome Brett from Escondido.
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    Hello from South Florida!

    Welcome from San Diego.
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    They say it is the best '72 Mach1 on the planet

    Beautiful just like its owner!
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    Starter relay wiring - Junction Block

    Where can I find a replacement for this junction block? Mine is broken.
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    New member in Virginia

    Welcome from San Diego.
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    Amazing Collection of 71 Mustangs

    My wife and I just watched this and we both kept saying wow!!
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    New member in Colorado #2

    Welcome from San Diego.
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    New from Missouri

    Welcome from San Diego. Looks like a nice find congrats.