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    What did you do to your car today?

    Drove it around town.
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    Suspension upgrade recommendations

    I did the same...5 leaf springs, ride is good and has a better stance. I didn't stagger wheels though.
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    Suspension upgrade recommendations

    I went with new springs but 1 more leaf than stock. It leveled out and had a really nice ride. Originally they sat a little lower in the rear. I hate shackles and don't like seeing them below the body.
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    Door hinge

    Previously i replaced with a new hinge and it became a nightmare trying to adjust the door. Rebuilding your old ones sounds like good advice if parts are available.
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    Another new part bad out of the box

    Bosch makes a good starter. Try summit auto
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    WHY? are 71-73 stangs so big?

    I've always thought without a doubt the last full size years 71 - 73 were the most stylish American sport car. Finally a model that truely rivaled the corvette.
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    WHY? are 71-73 stangs so big?

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    Throw Back Thursday! #TBT #ThrowBackThursday

    The only gf I know that always loves me!
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    71 Mach 1 Resto project

    Just curious if you're replacing the door hinges. If you hang on to the old ones so you can see where to tweak and ground or hog nose as needed for alignment.
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    Vapor lock, I think

    Have you converted to electronic ignition? Getting rid of points and going with pertronix was huge for me. Reccomend a flame thrower coil also.
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    Best overall muffler for boss 351..

    Flowmaster super 10's all day long