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    Suspension upgrade recommendations

    Changed to 5 leaf rears and got the look and ride . Tried air shocks first , they gave a very harsh ride.
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    71 Mach 1 paint color choice help

    Bright Lime was a rare color.
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    71 Mach1 for sale 25K

    Waste of time I'll never get back.
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    Best daily driver tires/15" Magnum wheels/rainy FL

    Don't understand the need for speed in the rain. Myself I wouldn't take a classic out in the's like thier worst enemy (rust) is encouraged. Been running BFG's and have no issues. I also have good 5 leaf springs and a 1" sway bar in the rear. I'm am adult so I drive according. I do...
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    OMG! $88,000!!! I've sold 2 convertibles in this color 10 times nicer than this car for $25,000 and $35,000 in the past 8 years !!!

    My 1972 was original paint Bright Lime. Not sure I've heard of a bright yellow.
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Drove it around town.
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    Suspension upgrade recommendations

    I did the same...5 leaf springs, ride is good and has a better stance. I didn't stagger wheels though.
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    Suspension upgrade recommendations

    I went with new springs but 1 more leaf than stock. It leveled out and had a really nice ride. Originally they sat a little lower in the rear. I hate shackles and don't like seeing them below the body.
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    Door hinge

    Previously i replaced with a new hinge and it became a nightmare trying to adjust the door. Rebuilding your old ones sounds like good advice if parts are available.
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    Another new part bad out of the box

    Bosch makes a good starter. Try summit auto
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    WHY? are 71-73 stangs so big?

    I've always thought without a doubt the last full size years 71 - 73 were the most stylish American sport car. Finally a model that truely rivaled the corvette.
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    WHY? are 71-73 stangs so big?