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    73 Mach for sale CA

    I love the color, but need an automatic (artificial hip :( )
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    "Kinda hurting.."

    At least he didnt call it a Great Father/Son Project!!!!! :cool:
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    1971 convertible on Ebay $$$$

    A bargain at twice the price??? LOL
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    1972 Fastback Sprint Project

    question is, is it a real sprint?
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    1971 Ford Mustang FRANK CONE RAM AIR GT

    Who the heck is Frank Cone???
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    What color is the sky in his world?

    Not a 71-73, but I just had to share. This one should look good with just a quick scuff and paint....
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    1972 Mach 1 in Baltimore

    Code for Gold Glow is 6F, not Y. Might want to check that for accuracy.
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    1972 Mach 1... Ouch!!!

    Sniff.................. Sob......................... Cough.....................
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    Q Code Mach1

    Im such a Gold Glow junkie......anyone care to weigh in on the merits/failings of this one?
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    Gold Glow mach 1

    They are definately faux styled steels. They dont work at all, but they pop off with a screwdriver and thats the end of that. As for the tail light panel, that gave me pause as well, but im on the fence as to the reason. The whole car has been "de-blacked" so maybe that was part of the overall...
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    Gold Glow mach 1

    Been looking for a Gold Glow for a while now. Anyone able to give me some intel on this one...
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    Classic Craigslist

    The ad may be full of bunk, but you beat that Gold Glow Metallic!!!!;)
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    Oregon Gold Glow Barn Find

    Love your car!!!! Im looking for a 71-72 Gold Glow to replace the one I had when I graduated HS in 1982!!!
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    Richmond area Mach 1

    Gold Glow is awesome. Thats why I was interested in it. I had one just like it back in 1982. First car I ever bought.