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    new member

    Welcome from Perth, Australia ::thumb:: That rear quarter looks straight as, can't wait to see her finished :) Cheers... ...Mickus
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    New Member

    Welcome from Perth, Australia ::thumb:: Good luck with the hunt, let us know when you snag one! Cheers... ...Mickus
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    Grille Support Brackets

    bump ::thumb::
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    Another new member from Australia.

    Hey Mark, the pics look awesome. What camera are you using, nice DOF! ::thumb:: Cheers... ...Mickus
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    New member from Australia

    Welcome from Perth, great to see more 7123's in Australia. I went to Mustang Day in Perth a couple of weeks ago and there would have been 100+ 64 1/2 to 70's, 1 x 73 convertible and my 71 Mach 1! Cheers... ...Mickus
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    Another new member from Australia.

    Hey Mark, Welcome from Perth. Ivy Glow, mmmmm love it! ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb:: Post some more pics when you get a chance, where are you? Cheers... ...Mickus
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    I used a holesaw with 1/4" arbor to make a timber template that fit snugly into the recessed cut outs under the hood then drilled a 1/4" hole from underneath through my template and through the hood. This 1/4" hole then became my guide to use a holesaw with 1/4" arbor from the top. Voila...
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    New look for the Magnum 500

    Mike, I think I can get you some of these but are 4 cowbells per rim enough? :chin: ...Mickus
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    Austin Vert's New Walk Around of Goldie.

    Looks better every time I see it, stunning bar setting vert Greg!  ::thumb:: ...Mickus
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    72 Mach 1 project

    Welcome from Perth, Australia. Gotta love green!!! ...Mickus
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    Holley vs Edelbrock carbs

    ProSystems ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ...Mickus
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    New look for the Magnum 500

    Hey Mike, maybe a Flugelhorn to go with the Trombone? rofl ...Mickus
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    Help with Mach 1 purchase...

    I did some research on Joe Mayabb and uncovered this: After watching this 4.98/146 1/8 run 20 times :D  I found his email address and emailed him. Joe jnr answered my email about an hour later and told me that his dad, Joe snr, had installed the crate engine and shared some more info with me...
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    Mach 1 Mustangs are not for overparking

    Hahaha, I'm surprised that story didn't make the Wellington front page headline! :D
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    Help with Mach 1 purchase...

    Thanks Bill, yes, any personal info please PM me. I'm just after any info anyone might have about this Mach 1, if anyone is familiar with it. Was optimistically hoping someone would say "Hey Mickus, I owned that Mach 1 and it is a killer! We had to replace the rear quarter when I backed into a...