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    WTB NOS or Show Quality Autolite Gas Cap For Boss 351

    Looking for a NOS or show quality Autolite gas cap for a 1971 Boss 351 Mustang. The cap is vented and does not include a cable retainer. A one year only part for the 71 Boss 351. Let me know what you have please.
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    Sound off if you have a Boss 351 or '72 R-code

    My B1 actually came wi the Magnum 500’s. Of the seven options on my car the Magnum 500’s were the most expensive f all the options on my car. Not all cars you see had them added! Some were born with them.
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    Anybody catch the fastback in the show Young Sheldon

    I saw it and was hoping we will see more of the car in future shows.
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    Sound off if you have a Boss 351 or '72 R-code

    Great! Glad to hear another awesome B1 has been unearthed and will be restored to its former glory! Can you share the VIN and some pictures? Here’s mine. 1F02R146445 alive and well in Texas!
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    Bad news for the Mach 1

    Those pictures were hard to look at. It’s what we all fear every time we drive our cars. Last weekend some moron was speeding and cut in front of me between a car in his lane and my car. He missed me by only inches.  Good luck with the repair.
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    Who drives it?

    My car is a Boss 351, 4 speed and no A/ wife has no desire to drive it. When we were first married in 1973 we had only one car, a 72 Mach 1 and she drove that one. It was a automatic with A/C.
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    Car of the Month - We need Submissions

    I used the link to enter my Boss 351.
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    1971 & 1972 Mach 1's running incorrect front bumpers

    Jeremy, Check your PM, I sent you another message re that bumper!
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    So sorry to hear about Eddy. I bought a part from him years ago and have read many of his post. A true fan of our 71-73 Mustangs. RIP sir and my condolences to his family.
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    rear spoiler help

    I have looked for them with no luck. Even spent money on a Marti report to find out if a pair on EBay were from a spoiler equipped car. They weren’t! There is a difference in size but my understanding is they have to be measured to know the difference.  The ones currently on EBay are not from a...
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    Tech Service Bull's

    That’s a great find and a good price!
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    Could your improperly functioning brakes contributed to your accident? Just curious if you think you could have stopped before hitting the pole if the brakes had been working properly.
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    SOLD——I purchased this radio after buying a NOS AM Radio Kit for the NOS antenna. I only needed the antenna to replace a incorrect antenna on my Boss 351. The radio is brand new and has never been out of the box except to take pictures. The radio buttons are perfect with no paint peeling which I...
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    WTB Antenna NOS or Good Used

    Found a NOS antenna. Thanks for looking!