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    swap power steering Pump

    Ok this ford pump on my 71 has a squeal on start , Thought it was the belt but is internal to the pump, I have the March serpentine system and pump sits below the Sanden A.C. compressor any body know of pump and most likely bracket change the will allow me to use a Saginaw pump or something...
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    JBA headers , Had to use ceramic boots on plug wires ,Plugs are a little hard to get to.You need to use plugs for an 98 explorer .
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    I have started a EFI conversion on my 71 Mach 1, Motor is a 351 w original 351 c M code ,Windsor was in when I bought it. Mild build up Gt40-p heads jba shorty headers , Ok this is what I went with FI tech Go port system they supplied complete kit minus the distributor and pressure regulator...