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Near senior-citizen status, I am retired and live with my husband Tom and my current feline diva, Lady Jane Seymour (as she has one blue and one green eye like the actor.) We live in Utah; our slogan is "Gay people love Big Noses". (Don't bother to comment if you have no sense of humor, please.)

I'm wrestling with the notion of upgrading to electronic ignition, fuel injection and 4-wheel disc brakes, since I believe her survivor status makes her more valuable if I sell her. But, that will be over my dead body, so I'm leaning toward drivability rather than profit. Any advice always appreciated.
Apr 13, 1961 (Age: 61)
Taylorsville, UT
My Car
72 convertible; triple white; 351C; 32,000mi; all original save for top and interior door panels.