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    piston volume question

    Thanks Chuck, I've been researching the differences in the 70-71 2V,351C (D) blocks, 250,240 HP and the 72-74 177HP square blocks. This would explain the large drop in compression of these blocks. perhaps the 70 had only one valve relief,71,two reliefs. 72-74 dished. If my fathers brain wasn't...
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    piston volume question

    Does anybody know the piston volume increase for the 351C Sealed Power/425P piston? it's a very shallow dish, the Silvolite 1159 is the equivalent piston. Thanks in advance,Scott
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    Ah-Ha, Oh F$$$ Moment

    I appreciate it guys,I still haven't told the boss of my discovery. I'm afraid to tell her i'm looking at another set of heads, or it might be me with a aussie head up my ass, that is once she pulls my head out of the way first. I'm just getting my interior back together after putting in a 500...
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    Ah-Ha, Oh F$$$ Moment

    Yeah I here ya Mark, I'll transfer over the roller rockers,keep in the 270H cam w/519/519 lift &270/270 duration. i'll clean and polish up the heads, drop down to a 0.39 gasket,should be around 8.8:1 compression. I have a 72 and a 74 2V head. I wish i had a set of 70 or 71 heads for some...
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    Ah-Ha, Oh F$$$ Moment

    one side sounds great,the other like a washing machine on agitate with exhaust. ive got some pictures in my garage,the head that works has these divits in the exhaust ports,maybe to rough up and slow down the pulse? i'll check em out further when i pull and measure them. maybe i can have the...
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    Planning for an engine rebuild

    "In essence, we'll be building the equivalent of a 9.2-1 compression ratio Boss 351C with a power output of apprximately 400hp. Virtually any 351C block can be used, since there are no differences in materials or strength. In fact the 2 bolt main cap block (part#-D0AZ-6010-C) is just as good as...
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    Ah-Ha, Oh F$$$ Moment

    Going thru a parts drawer the other day i came across a set of hardened exhaust seats for a 2v cleveland, i had to think a minute of where i got them. thats right they came back with my 302c heads from the shop! I had sent them down along with some seals and springs etc. to be installed on the...
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    429 valve covers

    Mustangs Unlimited has them. $239.00, there is a set of originals on E-bay,bid starting at $239.00
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    You can pick my next modification!

    Rad replace w/ 90degree waterneck,bottom hose anti-crush spring,new thermostat if needed, petcock with anode.
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    Mustang Book

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    Hood to cowl weatherstrip

    (I feel like such a hypocrite right now, I used gutter sealer on a cowl vent block off plate I made yesterday) I picked up some 3M yesterday,when people ask who does my interior work, I reply, Home Depot!