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    1973 Convertible. 302 with Motorsport heads, headers, 4 barrel. Bought around 1984, was a daily driver for years. Now weekend fun.
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    Keeping Mice out of your Mustang Idea's?

    Also in the country with the same issues so w ill be following this with interest. They seem to love the vertical back seat cushion. FWIW, I have tried: - Cats. Have six of them. They leave muddy footprints on my white top. Mice leave droppings under it! Have left windows down to invite cats...
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    Show us your engines!

    Little 302 in my '73 convertible. Have added a few bits added over the years; Motorsport 351W ported heads with roller rockers, Holley 600CFM carb on a Ford 65 4V manifold I bought from a "Pull-your-own" yard YEARS ago - remember those? -, headers and custom dual exhaust. Bill
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    interior smells

    I've had issues.. twice.. with mice making nests and... marking.... in the base of the rear seat back in my '73 convertible. I've had a long talk with my cats that like to sleep on the car about their not carrying their weight, but they didn't seem to be that interested! I cleaned it with a pet...
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    Hmmmm... haven't seen that one in the neighborhood either.... Did he have a dump sticker?  ;)
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    Windshield header buzz....

    If you do have the package left and can tell me that size that seemed to work, that would be great. It would save me an extra trip back to Home Depot when I get the wrong size!  ;) Bill
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    Windshield header buzz....

    Thanks for the tips! That also answered my question of how I get the darn things off! ;>) For years Iv'e had a water leak every time it rains (I used to drive it in the rain...), despite replacing the top weatherstrip. Now I'm suspecting that its coming under the chrome and past whatever is...
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    Windshield header buzz....

    My 73 convertible has an annoying buzz that seems to be coming from the area around the stainless header above the windshield. It starts at about 50 mph or so and gets really annoying at about 70. I've looked for loose trim and tried feeling around for a vibration when it happens but everything...
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    Boss 351 Autolite carb w/box $8,500

    You'd think at that price that they'd drop the $25.00 "expedited Shipping".... ;>)
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Drove it! :>)
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    Mustangs and politics....

    Well, that's two votes worth counting! :>)
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    Mustangs and politics....

    No, I'm not opening that can of worms! However, I had a dilemma this morning as my wife's Mini was in getting snow tires so she ran off with my Fusion. What to take to the voting place? :chin: Hmmmm... Roads are clear, weather good, gas in tank.... ::thumb:: Might have been the best part of...
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    {WHERE TO BUY?} Window Stabilizers and Anti-Rattle Guides

    These? They show up from time to time in other places. I picked up a set a while ago and they really helped. Bill
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    Hefty Asking Price

    I'm not going to sleep tonight...... :@
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    73 Auto Shifter rebuild

    I JUST finished doing this yesterday after watching this video and ordering the parts. What a difference a couple little plastic bits can make! Bill