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    Get your Decals Here!

    I have about 30 sets of decals left! If anyone want's some, they are $8 each (that covers shipping and print cost) If you are interested, message me and I'll reply with a Paypal link.
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    For now, report a thread that you think should be moved to the tutorials section and admin/mod will take care of it!
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    New Forum Software!!

    WTB has been condensed into the classified section...there are now colored prefix tags that you select when posting a classified ad. They are searchable as well! The problem is that they are new and no body is using them yet!
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    New Forum Software!!

    I don't think we have an app at the moment but it should work very nicely on a phone or tablet. The forum theme is designed to be responsive for phone use.
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    New member in PA

    Welcome! Where in PA are you located?
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    Get your Decals Here!

    I still have some decals leftover…pm me for price
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    If you have finished a big project or have a little tip to help finish even the smallest project...create a thread in our Tutorials section with all the details!! It will be great information to help the next guy that is looking for a quick solution or some step by step how to instructions for...
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    Member Map?

    Thanks for the heads up! It does appear to be static so let us check into it and see what is wrong!
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    Missing profiles and signatures?

    Perfect...I uploaded it to the member sig files section of our media page and hotlinked it to your profile! Should be good to go now!
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    Mustang Museum Limited availability 73 diecast

    They are taking preorders for the original Eleanor also!
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    Missing profiles and signatures?

    I save all the sigs I do but I can't seem to find a backup of yours...did you save a copy by chance?
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    Thank you

    I am extremely proud of this forum! It's not how many members or what software or what is the great group of 71-73 owners that we have here that makes this an awesome place for Mustang info as well as peer to peer help, support and friendship! I never dreamed that it would be such...
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    Is there a subforum to offer a non-mustang car?

    I'd list it here: