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    Sold Ready to list the White comfortweave on Ebay

    I am interested in the comfortweave material. I tried to send you a “conversation“ inquiring about it but not sure what happened to the note. Please reach out.
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    73 convertible, 429 Ram Air
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    That antenna is tall and it's in the way.

    Just a quick reply.....I have a lift and had the same problem. I bought the standard antenna from NPD, unscrewed the little ball on top, cut the antenna to a length that would fit under the upper cross member of the lift, super glued the ball back on top. Works and looks fine.
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    Power Steering leaks

    I had the exact same problem. Turns out, it only leaked "under pressure"....meaning that sitting still it did not leak wth the car running or not. Start the car and have someone turn the steering wheel while you look for the leak. Hopefully this will solve your problem.