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    Best Conventional Oil To Use?

    +1 for Valvoline vr1 racing 10w/30
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    Radiator grille cover

    I met a guy at an All Ford show two weeks ago that installed a radiator cover on his car and it looked great. It did a great job of covering that ugly gap between the grille and the radiator. I'm really thinking about buying one for my car. I was wondering  has anyone here purchased and...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    I've had the spoiler sitting around for awhile.  Finally got around to installing it on the coupe. I like it.....
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    Custom 71 coupe for sale

    I get it. But for me it sure seems like a sign that our mustangs are finally being recognized in the classic car market and the prices are beginning to reflect the trend. I say to everyone hold on to your cars because the values are definitely rising. Everywhere I go i get compliments and...
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    Custom 71 coupe for sale

    +1.  It's a custom pro touring setup.  Fuel injected 347 stoker with a built aod transmission all polished with ac.  If it was a 69 or 70 with the same specs and custom paint they would want 100k for it. For what it is its not too far off.  I was thinking more around 38k or so.
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    Custom 71 coupe for sale

    For sale at fast lane classic cars in st. Charles mo.
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    New here

    Very nice. Wish mine was that clean when I started my build.
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    Grande Pics

    A few shots for a Cars and Coffee meet I attended a few weeks back.
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    Interior shot

    Most recent shot of my interior It's not stock, but I like it....... Custom Center Console Reupholstered Seats with Suede inserts Painted the glove box to match the car Installed Kenwood Stereo with Bluetooth and hands free calling Summit All in 1 Monster Tach Gauge Pod cover carbon fiber...
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    Cars and coffee st. Louis

    Thank you.  The color is called sonic blue. Pulled the color code from a 2003 cobra mustang.
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    Cars and coffee st. Louis

    Hi Tony. Yes sir. I'll be there for sure with the Mustang.  I may bring my 95 lightning as well
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    Cars and coffee st. Louis

    Shot of my car from Cars and coffee show last week