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    WTB: Right Vent Duct

    Found one! Thanks all!
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    WTB: Right Vent Duct

    I need the short duct (plenum) that connects the passenger side vent to the fresh air assembly. This is the piece that runs next to the glove box. Can anyone help? Thanks, Don
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    Hello From Melbourne

    Glad you're here! Welcome from Wisconsin.
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    Hello from Lafayette Louisiana

    Welcome from Wisconsin. Love that color!
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    Square type hood paint. Template available?

    I stuck pretty close to the diagram that Ray posted and it turned out nice.
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    Key stuck past OFF position

    Try loosening the 2 bolts that hold the ignition switch to the top side of the column (at then end of the rod). There's room to move the switch up and down the column. Try adjusting it there.
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    Rear Differential Leaking

    My open 3:00 9" was leaking at the pinion seal. I figured it was a good time to switch over to a 3:50 posi. I tried to keep costs down, so I bought used ring and pinion gears and a rebuilt traction loc. Since I needed a shop to press on the new pinion bearing, I had them do axle bearings...
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    Whats this worth?

    Ooh, didn't see that. The value just dropped. :huh:
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    Whats this worth?

    Tough to tell paint and body in photos, but... Around here, that would be a 13K car. More or less. Even with the wrong motor, seats, hood paint, etc.
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    new to forum

    Welcome from Wisconsin!
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    Which stripes you like more; 1971-72 or 1973 Mach 1?

    I like them both, and have had both on my car, but ultimately decided to go hockey stripes - I thought they looked better with the Boss 351 style hood paint. However, I really don't care for the black rocker paint as it makes the car look like it's too "skinny" in my opinion. So, I found a...
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    Brand New C6 Neutral Safety Switch FS or trade for FMX version

    Thanks Slaw, I really appreciate it, but I already found an FMX switch. I have the C6 switch on eBay now for $80
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    circuit board problems

    Are all the lights non-functioning? Or just around the tach? It doesn't look like there are many lights on the tach side. I see the brake light and maybe 1-2 more. These lights are SO dim already, perhaps you couldn't tell if they are working or not?
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    WTB: Center Dash Cubby aka Map Pocket

    I think an AC car has vents in the center.
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    Photo Request: Inside of Rear Window

    Thanks! I'm trying to get an idea how the window weatherstripping seats on the headliner.