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    71 Mach 1 Resto project

    Here's a picture I found on the web: I think you have them looking pretty good but if you paint them lightly sand the tops of the fins to remove the paint. You might also consider having them powder coated for a more durable finish. I have had these valve covers several other cars (they were...
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    Hello from Hamburg

    Wilkommen, freund! And a big Howdy from Texas! You're English is fine, especially since most of us speak American. Congratulations to you for your Mustang purchase! You'll find plenty of knowledgeable members here to answer any question you throw at 'em.
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    Car sounds great! Though I don't know you, it saddens me to hear about your wife's health. As a man of faith I'll lift your family in prayer. Peace, comfort, strength and courage to you both.
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    Heater core hose?

    He has a 351C based on his oil sender thread.
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    Wanting 9 inch rears

    Looks great!
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    Speaker Fitment in rear package tray on 73 coupe

    Howdy and welcome to the site! Crutchfield recommends 4x10 for the rear deck. Check out their site for car-specific fitment recommendations.
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    WTB Complete 9" pinion snubber bracket assembly

    The one Jeff73Mach1 is showing is the same as what is on my 72 convertible.
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    Start up question

    Put fuel in the tank and the fuel pump should pull it through the line once you start cranking the engine. Be sure to check for fuel leaks. Soak in the satisfaction of a job well-done!
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    Exhaust Leak

    They could be loose. Also, if they are tightened unevenly, they can leak. You may just need to loosen the fasteners up and draw them up evenly, centering the pipe on the manifold. If that doesn't do the trick, you may have some dirt or corrosion on the connection. Remove the pipe and clean...
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    Anyone Interested in Going Electric?

    👆👆 Growling Mustang maybe?
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    8 track player speed adjustment

    Check this site: I've heard good reviews about his work/service. I'll probably send mine to him if it ever craps out on me. So far, I've only had to replace the drive belt (fortunately).
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    8 track player speed adjustment

    Running fast looks like parts. Running slow could be cleaning and lubrication. The manual section for AM/8-track is 17 pages long. I'll try to scan the parts diagrams for you when I have a few minutes.