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    Big block swap parts needed.

    Looking for an aluminum flywheel and matching bell housing for a big block swap I will be performing soon after I get my mach back from the fabricator. Getting mini tubbed! Also any other mounts or items/ suggestions of what I will need. I'll be selling my 4V CC Cleveland with a roller...
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    7173 mustang values

    I agree that our cars in driver condition are relatively cheaper than early model mustangs. (For example what do you get for $10,000 for a 1967-68,1969-1970,1971-73 fastback)? 67' & 68' fastbacks are astronomical these days! 69-70s aren't far behind. Which keep them out of the average...
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    Tilt column 72' Mach

    I've been looking for a factory tilt column to install in my 72' Mach. Haven't had much luck in the used department. I'm willing to go with a flaming river or ididit unit. It's just that the descriptions are so vague on the universal columns. Has anyone or does anyone know of anybody that could...
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    Help? '73 Mach 1, Not sure what to go for the paint and theme.

    I agree with Kniknook. Use the KISS philosophy. Keep it simple,stupid. You're already talking about a camaro that you want. Don't do a lot of mods you can't undo or you'll never be able to sell the car should the time come. Not that we ever make money on our cars!! Or ever plan on selling them...
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    another version of Nasa Hood paint

    Nothing beats the factory stripes and hood blackout on the 71-72s. My brother paints cars for a living and said I can pick whatever modifications I want. I can't visualize anything better/cooler than the stock Mach 1 look. Of course with a built engine, big ass tires and loud exhaust!