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    A finished kit

    rvrtrash, you have outstanding taste in automotive choices :) The (long unfinished) FFR is the reason my Wife insisted that we get a running RCR rather than a kit. This one is a bit under-powered. It's got a 375 HP 302 mated to a Porsche transaxle and WIlwood brakes. RCR specialized in...
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    A finished kit

    Been after one of these for a long time. Almost 1800 mile round trip (in 37 hours) and well worth it (I hope).
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    New member from Northeast Arkansas

    A big "Hey" from over by Harrison, Arkansas.
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    Turbo vs supercharger

    In quest for power it is hard to argue with the philosphy of "buy modern". My wife has two supercharged cars. I think her Z07 would beat her Camaro in the quarter (if i ever get around to converting the Camaro to a four link it might win). But as you say the modern car does everything well...
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    Turbo vs supercharger

    500 flywheel or rear wheel? 500 flywheel is pretty easy naturally aspirated but without extra displacement the low RPM performance can be weak. If you want power everywhere a positive displacement blower is hard to beat. Not the most efficient way to make power but the fun factor is very high...
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    Engine pull! Elation to frustration…

    C3 Vettes are too long for many cherry pickers. I pull a front wheel and come in from the side. If the hoist's casters rotate then you can still push the engine forward in relation to the vehicle. It's a pain but it's worked for me.
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    Overdrive for my wife's '68 Camaro

    After 10 years of 4.10s with no overdrive I puller out the Turbo 400 and installed a 200 4R into my wife's Camaro. No more putting along at 60 MPH on the HWY. Hope it survives a long time because the car is now a lot more fun.
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    tire related ques

    This might be related. I found out the hard way that GM has a problem with chrome separating and allowing leaks between the wheel and the chrome. It can be fixed by removing the chrome in the bead area but it isn't worth the effort.
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    Living with Vette instead of Stang

    After decades of experience I wouldn't disagree with any of the 10 points about owning a Vette but if you really want to learn to hate a car re-do the rear stub axle bearings and trailing arm bushings..
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    How do I know cleaning the fuel line is a lost cause?

    I've plugged one end of the line that's part of a sending unit to hold vinegar inside the line with good results but I wouldn't bother with that method for a long piece of line. I just replaced the main hard line on my Wife's '74 Vette. I bought a roll of SS tube and added a bubble flare at...
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    Mach 1 parts northern MO

    I bought it from Eddie at ADCO Mustangs in Harrison AR.  It's the fifth I've bought from him (66,67,69 and two 71s).  The others are all projects.  The one I bought yesterday was for parts.  I'll probably sell the shell after I get my stuff off it. If you're considering something from Eddie I...
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    Mach 1 parts northern MO

    It's peeling yellow.  The nose is grabber blue underneath and trying to be blue again.  Had a half vinyl roof that messed up the metal up there.
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    Mach 1 parts northern MO

    I think you did fine. I was doing the same thing today. I bought a '71 parts car this afternoon. It looks to have been "MACHed" from a base model a long time ago. I'll be getting a hood, deluxe interior door hardware, tach, clutch pedals, tail light panel honeycomb, rear end, urethane...
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    Cars you wish you had back.

    A '66 427 with a '67 hood.  Had it for about a year.
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    New Toy Arrived

    Very Nice!