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    Is a 73 Mach 1 Resotration Worth It?

    What's the best way to build a $100k car? Spend $250K on a car... "flipping" a car is not like flipping a house. With a house all you have to do is find something undervalued that needs some work, fix obviously bad stuff, dress it up a little and collect your money... and then something will...
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    3/8 rachets best and best value for the buck

    I have wrenched professionally (I used to do installs and custom fabrication for a speed shop), and I own a bunch of different brands, more Craftsman then anything else (the polished ones are much better than the standard ones, worth the extra price), followed by Snap-On, a few Mac and Cornwell...
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    Installing different seats?

    The thing is that we don't know what you're looking at and how much off it is. In theory, the stock mounting points are reinforced "hard points" in a stronger part of the pan that should be better than choosing other points even if you reinforce them. In some cases you'll fail a safety...
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    71 M code convertible on eBay - something is fishy

    I think you might have hit the nail on the head there.  I was looking at the pics and thinking "why would someone fake this car, I mean shots in the trunk and things make it look like it was originally pastel blue, and nothing else about it is exceptional.  If the Marti says green/green this...
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    New mufflers

    I'm interested at what you have for the crossfire setup.  That is my old username on a bunch of the f-body groups.  I no longer have that car but have my crossfire setup that I'm saving for just the right project.  I'd love to get an '82 corvette with it on it... as much as people hated that...
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    New mufflers

    Geoff, Helmholtz equations apply to all sorts of tuning situations in cars, but in this case it's a simple "if you want to make it sound lower you need to make the pipe longer or smaller in diameter.  There is Helmholtz tuning in the case of header primaries and collectors, but typically a...
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    Steering issue

    Steering not returning is the front suspension not having enough caster or too much toe out (it should have a little toe in). Loose/worn out steering/suspension components can cause either of those. It could be a steering box problem but doubtful unless you've overtightened the preload (in...
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    New mufflers

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    New project for this winter. 71 Mach 1

    Absolutely and incredible job!   I know how to do most of this work and I'm still impressed enough that I keep thinking about talking to you about sending my '71 Mach 1 up to you (originally an Arizona car, it's been in a garage or under a car cover since the late 80's, the body is in pretty...
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    Locking Fuel Neck or Gas Cap

    Huh, interesting... are they removable once installed? FWIW, going through the reviews I saw this one: 2.0 out of 5 starsNot ok for older cars. ByWoodson April 16, 2016 Verified Purchase It really didn't fit my '66 Mustang because my mustang had a larger fuel intake hose. I really wish they...
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    New project for this winter. 71 Mach 1

    That's turning out looking incredible! I'm pretty sure you've said it before but I can't find it, what kind of paint are you using?
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    LS swap?

    Because the car is an original 4bbl Mach 1.  To me it feels like a windsor is just half assing it.  Going completely different engine family is "I decided to experiment with something else." I've owned a bunch of later model f-bodies, and those specifically in my mind follow the sheep...
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    Block sanding question.

    It's funny, I know and have heard all the "you'll sand gooves into your bodywork if you don't use a block," but to be honest, sometimes i do, sometimes I don't and I've never had a problem... reading your post it became clear that instinctively I do what you just outlined there.
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    LS swap?

    You know, I belong to a few groups that "LS swap" everything, and it annoys the heck out of me for some reason. Like I have a few 3rd gen f-body (camaro/firebired, originally came with chevy V8's in it), and I'm not sure why an LS swap in those bothers me. OTOH, I have seriously considered an...
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    As far as what to do to make these work well with wider tires, here is something that I did with some firebird rims: The original rim was a 15x7 (in the middle of the second pic), I sectioned all 4 with different back sections cut off and put them back together swapping them around so I got...