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    • steves73
      steves73 replied to the thread Hood twist lock ?.
      I had a 73 with these and found them very irritating. Everything must line up perfectly. Over the years the previous owner had it, the...
    • steves73
      Last spring I found that mice had been using the glovebox. Apparently it's made out of cardboard, so was damaged by urine. I was able to...
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    • steves73
      steves73 replied to the thread Crime and punishment.
      There are devices available that can be used to like GPS to track something. The first was Lojack, decades ago. Hide it somewhere, and...
    • steves73
      Mine leaks from there too. I leave an oil change pan in the right spot to catch it. It's clean, so I could re-use it, but I just top up...
    • steves73
      steves73 replied to the thread Doors out of Alignment.
      My 73 Cougar developed this misalignment gradually over many years. Nothing wrong with the structure, it sometimes happens with heavy...
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